Saturday, March 10, 2012

Impact NGOs..

Great movie from a talented director.. but; what's next..?

Among human, animal and machine, returns are phenomenonal.. Human development is unachievable by government monopoly and reliance.. Therefore, NGOs were considered to fill the gaps, bringing change to the core substances..

NGOs are on three types, PR (Public Relations), Recovery and Impact.. Many who are active in Sudan are either PR or Recovery; while driven by imported approaches and priorities..

Despite the hilarious official modes; I think it is time to assemble local Impact ones; which would promote for the simple improvements in way of life among rural and slums.. It is not the cost, but the vision, the will and the know-how..

Once upon a time, I had quitted the political activities, disagreeing on the seriousness to help our folks.. People need simple actions, not the big ones, nor the talks..!!

We need to admit the lack of know-how, then we can get or learn.. but our vision and collective will are only ours, subject to how authentic we are..!!

Mobile Classroms, I had built for IDPs in Haj Yousif 1991, with funds from Greman Red Cross
School in Haj Yousif, I had built by funds from Save the Childern
A Clinic in Haj Yousif by funds from Save the Childern

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