Tuesday, March 20, 2012

An Indian Village Head..

Chhavi Rajawat Mayor of Soda, India

Progress and developement are not only against the typical norms, but also by hard work, sincere effort and deep envisions of the community..!!

30-year-old Rajawat, India's youngest and the only MBA to become a village head; the position mostly occupied by elders, quit her senior management position with Bharti-Tele Ventures of Airtel Group to serve her beloved villagers as sarpanch.

Rajawat participated in a panel discussion at the two-day meet at the UN on March 24 and 25 on how civil society can implement its actions and spoke on the role of civil society in fighting poverty and promoting development.

There was a sense of disbelief among ministers and ambassadors from diverse nations when the chairperson of the 11th Info-Poverty World Conference held at the United Nations introduced the jeans-clad Chhavi Rajawat as head of a village in India.

For, from a distance one could easily mistake Rajawat, an articulate, computer-savvy woman, for a frontline model or at least a Bollywood actress. But she is sarpanch of Soda village, 60 kilometres from Jaipur, in backward Rajasthan and the changing face of growing dynamic rural India.
by: Thakur Shiv Kumar Raghav
Thanks to Maliha Raza Khan



  1. This is a trail for all enthusiastic young women and men to learn and try to make a REAL difference among their own folks..

  2. In 1983; I had had serious conflict with my colleagues and bosses in the Sudanese Nasserists league..
    My argument was simple; that we have to reach the public in their settlements and help them with our professional academic training to uplift their practice of living.. Each in her or his specialty..
    Together, we can achieve more than the useless fight over voting, protests and clashes with security.. A substantial change in delivering the politics, different from the Whitehall practices and eloquent speeches.. Certainly, I had lost my fight, and quitted as a political activist..
    Chhavi Rajawat reminds me those days, and why I had dramatically failed