Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Male Illusion..!

Whiteness, a Symbol of Virginity..

A Sudanese fellow had posted a clip; warning people (particularly men) from the frauds over faulty hymen restoration surgery, which enables non-virgin girls to claim modest.. This had recalled an attempt 35 years ago; to campaign against the paradoxical concept of virginity, commonly known among my folks.. While girls should restrictedly be virgin on their wedding event, men are implicitly accepted to have the “experience” to improve their potency..!!

Chastity belt reminds me with such psychopathic contradiction; which is not supported by any faith or logic.. It is a claim to hide the awkward obscenity within our cultural genes.. Despite the notorious fame that it is a device made for females; most of the people don’t know; that the “Chastity Belt” had had two versions: one for female use, and another for male use..!!

Ironically; the Renaissance had witnessed the creation of the chastity belts; parallel to all intellectual achievements.. As how these were used to affirm the chastity of females, they also affirmed control over the sexual behavior of their males.. Both were shameful marks of the Mankind; whereas obsession of the biological kinship and guarding the females were direct reflections of masculine centuries of adultery, rape, abuse, and humiliating retaliations..

The same obsession stills alive till date, while declining by urbanism, it is very much in control among rural areas, religious groups and underdeveloped countries.. Luckily, the hygiene concerns had ended the use of chastity belts in early 1900th.. On parallel, throughout history; restricted traditions and informal penal codes, including the “Honor-Killings”, are shacking morals and identities..

Today’s DNA tests can affirm the biological kinship; divorced women are no longer a curse to marry; and more information is circulated on hymen natural disorders.. Therefore, the whole practice is eventually reduced to only guard the females’ genital organs..

In the Western hemisphere; intensive sexual education curriculum's and media became norms.. Despite how virginity became an issue with minimal concern, interruption of kinship became a typical nightmares and source of instability among married couples and families.. However; developed legislatures had renounced the subject from moralities into legalities..

Among the conservative world; surgical restoration of hymen became profitable business.. Apart from intercourse, all techniques of sexual intimacy are almost a common know-how.. While men are the sole consumers for sex trades, they practice severe schizophrenic attitudes towards their female relatives.. Simply; most women became silent victims and sex-related patients; while responsible to raise the wonderful kids..!!

Despite the claims of the feminists, the legacy of human race tells how females were always commodities among trading, fighting or reconciling males.. Exchanging females as gifts was commonly known among Monarchs; Merchants and Commanders.. Slave females had reshaped the ethnic maps much more than the rapist invaders.. As how Mankind was always speechless in front of the birth phenomenon, he had early realized how this process is attached to his psychology and culture frameworks..

It is greatly confusing how an intellectual educated male will deny an equal experience from the female he claims loving or proposing to marry..??

No one can deny the amount of distress, depression and humiliation our females are exposed to during their lives.. Such practices are common across all social categories and ranks.. They are associated with lots of emotional and physical abuse, as if wives are constantly raped by their own husbands..!! 
Simply, Women suffer in dark silence; while who would dare to object; will be notoriously named.. Unless such sex-related stereotype changes, lots of silent agony, hurt and suppression will continue to breed our psychopathic new comers.. !!

Then everyone wonders: Why we are declining..!!

Guys: If the hymen is a female-trap; it is a male-illusion..!

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