Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soft Doomsday..!!

In 1990, an epidemic had swept Eastern Sudan, whereas people in young age, 20-30 years old, men and women were perished within couple of high fever weeks.. The government at that time could not do anything, due to logistics, location and capacity..

The distressed calls were sent to WHO, US Navy Research Center in Cairo, and to thier HQ in North Carolina.. Teams were deployed, with standard procedures to inventory patients, categorize and collect history and bio-samples..

The serious guys returned back to Sudan in couple of weeks, with sample drugs, which the patients had been grouped and treated with.. Within the observations for another couple of weeks, some patients passed away, others deteriorated, few got better.. Again, the bio-samples were collected, and the Savors left the country..
Only, by grace of Allah swt, the epidemic mysteriously came to an end..! 

No one knew what was happening, what was the disease or what were the drugs..

End of an eye-witnessing story..!!

Since that time I was carefully following up the secret world of disease control and healthcare; in connection to geopolitics and economics..
Reports and charts were spreading in late 1990th; on the gap between demand and resources, in all critical sectors, particularly, food, water and housing..
People are increasing in a mad way, while supply is not..

The question:
With such a serious gap, whom will be served first.. ??

Since that time I came to understand the controversial measures taken to balance populations to resources..
I don’t blindly buy the mass media of world order..
As a Public Servant, I know how governments think and act..
These videos are not shocking to me..

Yet, there is a serious question to be answered..!

Heglig or Panthou..?

Heglig or Panthou..
This is the question..
A few hundred people small town in the middle of nowhere..
Only was known as Pump Station No. 1; in the Sudanese pipeline..
It became a news by itself.. False of True..
It also became Panthou..
Once was land of drought and ghosts..
It became land of Patriotism and Martyrdom..
A Land of Deceive and Partition..
Whenever they celebrate a victory or mourn a causality..
I feel how my country is lost..!
Al-Bashier and his Inqaz were never successful partitioning Sudan..
Their goal is finally accomplished..
In the glorified celebrations of hilarious victories..
Sudan became consensually TWO Countries..
Who had chanted against the forced Partition..
Now chants for the hallucinated Victory..!!
Is there a Victory among Brothers..?
No one asks.. No one cares..
The media machine runs fast, consuming Hearts and Minds..
Across the new factual Line of Divide..
Many lives, souls and hopes were wasted..
Many Facts and Estates were vulgarly replaced..
No one feels.. lives..
No one would survive..!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drones Killings..

US Air Drones had paralyzed Taliban, eliminated Qaeda of Arabia, ereased AlShabab of Somaila, and many others who we do not know.. Just track the closed stories in the news, i.e., LRA of Uganda and War Lords of DRC Katanga.. Certainly, huge unknown civil causalities, to establish a manageable world order..!!
Is it Righteous or Wrong Doings..?

Getting to the grounds of realities and inevitable politics..
It happens that most of the chaos are among Muslims; who are mostly illiterate and unfit.. They blindly and faithfully follow their Muftis.. These Glorified Muftis are advising on 10 years a marriage age for girls, rejecting foreign non-Muslim aid, women are not allowed to drive cars, banning education for girls, an adult male should observe a women when she browses the internet, ban on Western knowledge, and thousands of hilarious Fatwas that ashamed any Muslim with brains..
Yet, those Muftis are leading the opposition to exchange or manage any social or urban developments, to survive on ignorance and back-warding stats..

How much the NGOs are frustrated and got their efforts and lives wasted..?
You can't help a person who rejects your offerings..

Among these poor people, values of human rights are not considered by their immature penal codes, fractured judiciary systems and corrupt politicians.. They can't understand or obey not to plant Cannabis in Afghanistan; stop Piracy in Gulf of Eden, provoke the State in Yemen, or support development in Mali..

It is not only the Dark Times has reborn, but irreversible conditions of humane humiliation and downgrading.. Then, what to do to get them worldly integrated.. Eliminate or Negotiate..?
This was the question, which peoples vary in answers..!

It should not be by all morals, but politicians are always in a hurry for results, once their strategists confirm both margins and potentials.. None of those politicians is that operationally genius to plan it himself, nor that morally noble to care for unseen on TVs..!!

Activists in Europe are exercising advanced intellectual mandates that are not cable to fit with the actual social orders of these outdated communities.. Most of these unfortunate people can’t understand the domains that are debated in blogs, media or academia.. Their needs are concentrated in few materialistic issues, that are controlled by who owns moneys, guns and connections.. Traditional dynasties are not functioning any more, and mostly had faded by the repeated political unrests.. There is no brains to negotiate, but helpless citizens, greedy war lords and notorious civic leaders..

There is a great divide between the need to share the pain, and the need to understand it.. This is not an advocacy for murder whatsoever, but the one to establish true consensus..
Maybe it is the time for NGOs and Activists to revisit their visions and strategies for the best ways forward.. The stage now is full of actors, including the NGOs themselves..!

Yes, it is a great problem, which requires that unknown approach and solutions.. It is increasing by the day, as result of hatred, need and death.. Regretfully, all educated or bright Afghani, Somali, and Yeminis had fled their countries and obtained US or European citizenships.. Who are stayed back there, share with their colleagues in Saudi, Mali, Chad, Sudan, Pakistan the daily search for Dollars.. Corruption became the extraordinary monsters; which no one is capable to fight or control.. It is truly frustrating for me and many others that there are no solutions working..!!

After three decades, the hidden and monopolizing hands over AlQaeda and others are not effectively unctioning.. By laws of organizational behavior, those outlaws are working by their own momentums and had created their own visions and missions..

I strongly believe that all current campaigns and understanding has to change.. Maybe if the independent activists would reach something, Officials will listen.. Between politics and covert operations there are lots of unknown and unspoken issues.. The true stories will never be folded.. This is not the concern here..

It is how to keep the people of good intensions intact, and capable to provide better solutions.. To exchange progrressive ideas rather than debatable information.. The 21st century is the era of intellegent minds rather than information..

Friday, April 27, 2012

No.. They adore you babe..!!

In response to: Mona AlTahawi's

Her name came out during the Egyptian upraising of 2011; I assumed been one of the new wishful Egyptian intelligentsia.. I guess I was wrong, as part of Feminism is another form of Extremism..!!

The general theme among the female commentators on Mona AlTahawi's piece, was that sense of discomfort on what she had composed.. This reflects not only the intellectual deviation she illustrated by reducing Muslim women causes to be Egyptian or Saudi; but also how she had addressed those critical issues without epistemic referrals or knowledge..

She did not advise on solution of those topics she pinpointed, only a cliché actions that already included in all acting NGOs, lobbies and political parties.. As how her article was hot, fierce and flammable; there were no innovative or breathtaking solutions provided.. Another episode of systematic “ejaculations” form the so-called intellectual elite..

For me, any sort of hysterical expression is a sort of extremism, as simply crosses the parameters of logic, order and/or epistemia.. Avoiding the controversial definition of civilization, I tend, professionally and logically to refer to the urbanism as an umbrella of progressive citizenship, whereas individuals would intelligently exercise their receipts, contributions and expressions within a vision to add value, not to ignite unnecessary and unhealthy hallucinations..

The 3rd world will not stand up by that simple destruction of stigmas and taboos; which are too many.. But by scientific and intellectual approaches that would highly consider the recipients rather than the activists..

Between self-polishing on media stages and self-struggle on grounds of need; there are great divides and vast mazes..!

Why Do They Hate Us?
Some may ask why I'm bringing this up now, at a time when the region has risen up, fueled not by the usual hatred of America and Israel but by a common demand for freedom. After all, shouldn't everyone get basic rights first, before women demand special treatment? And what does gender, or for that matter, sex, have to do with the Arab Spring? But I'm not talking about sex hidden away in dark corners and closed bedrooms. An entire political and economic system -- one that treats half of humanity like animals -- must be destroyed along with the other more obvious tyrannies choking off the region from its future. Until the rage shifts from the oppressors in our presidential palaces to the oppressors on our streets and in our homes, our revolution has not even begun.

Oh, Mona!
Since yesterday it appears Mona Eltahawy has had her hands full fending off the ...massive outrage her Foreign Policy article entitled “Why do they hate us? The real war on women is in the

Do Arab men hate women? It's not that simple
Nesrine Malik: Mona Eltahawy's controversial article in Foreign Policy magazine about the treatment of Arab women is a misdirected call to arms..

Do Arab Men Hate Women? Mona Eltahawy Faces Firestorm
Global Voices
Egyptian-American columnist Mona Eltahawy has once again sparked controversy wit...h an article in Foreign Policy magazine entitled “Why Do They Hate Us?”, in which she argues that Arab societies are fundamentally misogynistic.

Muslims Do What?!
The cover of Foreign Policy's May/June 2012 issue is raising controversy for it'...s photo depicting a nude woman with a niqab painted on her body, with the title "Why Do They Hate Us?" I am thrilled to see the Muslim debate raised to a level I have been longing for. I immediately thought of Asif Rehma...,b=facebook

Thursday, April 26, 2012

African Archeology..

People of Color used to oral records, by folklore and poems not any graphics or write-ups.. This is why archeology makes sense as how people are fairer..!!

This is a serious fact..!
The more the investigated sites are up-north; there are enough materials to make sense.. otherwise, there are many confusing questions to answer; without enough evidences..
Urban excellence has no passion or emotions.. Yes, it has desires and greed.. It has lots of things to plan and do.. It can’t see colors, religions or attributes, but when eligibility doubts are materialized; sky collapses..!!

This is where most of people of color fail to score, because they simply don't care..!

Memorization of Quran

Katheem had questioned on how the non-Arabic speaking kids been able to memorize Quran..?

I guess this is not the problem, as kids have that unique ability to memorize as part of their natural learning curve.. However, Religious Schools across the Muslim World had followed a simple technique of daily and continuous reciting sessions, with both incentives and penalties.. It had worked successfully for more than 1400 years..!
In addition, the honor and glory a Quran Memorizer would receive among his peers, community and family is the greatest incentives for working hard on his goal.. There are many religious morals within both reciting and memorization, which each Muslim feels the urge for..

Islam recommends the memorization of Quran, which helps to perform rituals, prayers and teachings.. It should be in parallel to a least level understanding; which is usually and unfortunately taught by unqualified teachers; who had been brought up by the same process.. End-Result: Divide between Deeds and Says.. Misalignment between Heart and Mind.. This is the Taliban Story..!!

This is the core linguistic divide among Arabs and Muslims in understanding and implementing Islam..

In traditional Arabic; the extended interpretations, the linguistic ingredients and eloquence capacity can either sail to unlimited expressions or dive into confusing symbolism.. This is not only a dilemma for non Arab to deal with, but also for the Arabs themselves.. The modern Arabic is too simple that downgrades the meanings or been inadequate to explain..!!

Quran Memorization by Non-Arabic Speakers kids

Quran Reciting by Non-Arabic Speakers kids

Arabic is never an easy language to learn; whereas its Sematic liguitic group varies a lot from others.. The same Applies to Hebrow, .. It is an issue of the structural composition rather than phonatic and expressions.. Accordingly, the logic varies, which make it uneasy for foriegners to learn, or for upcoming generations to uphold..

Arabic is my mother tongue.. I guess I master it enough to avoid not using it in epistemic discussions..!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Sudanese Maid in KSA..

Photo of unidentified maid, for illustration purpose only

A FB Friend had started a debate on 1500 Sudanese women had allowed for House-Maid visas in KSA..
What is the problem..?? Isn't it a degnified profession..??
There is no numbers on who serve houses in Lebanon, Egypt and Europe.. Anyway,... this is far better than the more numbers who sale their bodies over there.. I had been and saw it happening since 1985..!!
Should we look at India with their nukes, Philipennes with their GDP and Indonesia who is about joining the BRICS.. They all have House-maids working everywhere..
Let's be real.. To find an intellegent way forward..

Yes, there is abuse, and we wish them better luck..
Both Indonesia and Philippines had taken good measure to protect their people there.. It is a Labor Law issue, not a culture.. There are many decent and good people over GCC.. Everywhere, even back home in Sudan; there is abuse and mercy.. The issue is about ego, priggism and supremacy, which should be fought as illness..
Also, no one should discriminate any job or any labor.. Our government should negotiate how to protect their rights rather than the ashamed call against their search for decent earning..!

الصديق عادل عبد العاطي بدأ النقاش حول 1500 امرأة السودانية قد سمح لهم الحصول على تأشيرات خادمة في السعودية
ما هي المشكلة؟ أليست هذه مهنة شريفة؟
لا توجد أرقام عن الذين يخدمون في المنازل في لبنان ومصر وأوروبا .. على أي حال ، هذا هو أفضل بكثير من الأعداد الكبيرة ممن يبيعون أجسادهن هناك .. لقد كنت هناك ورأيت ذلك يحدث منذ عام 1985
ينبغي أن ننظر إلى الهند ذات القنابل النووية ، الفليبين مع ناتجها المحلي الإجمالي ، وإندونيسيا التي على وشك الانضمام إلى بلدان البريكس .. هؤلاء لديهم الخادمات يعملن في كل مكان

دعونا نكون واقعيين .. كي نجد طريقاً الى المستقبلنعم، هناك سوء المعاملة ، ونتمنى لهم حظا أوفر
كل من اندونيسيا والفلبين قد اتخذت التدابير لحماية بناتهم هناك .. هي قضية قانون العمل ، وليس الثقافة السائدة .. هناك العديد من الناس الجيدين في دول مجلس التعاون الخليجي .. في كل مكان ، حتى في السودان ، هناك الإساءة والرحمة .. المسألة هي حول عقدة الأنا ، وعقدة التفوق ، والتي ينبغي أن تحارب مثل أي مرض
أيضاً ، لا ينبغي لأحد احتقار أية وظيفة أو أي عمل .. وينبغي أن تعمل حكومتنا للتفاوض على كيفية حماية حقوقهم بدلاً من الدعاوي
الخجولة ضد بحثهم عن الكسب اللائق والمشروع

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Favoraite: Statistics..

"In the times like this; when unemployment rise by 13%, income is falling by 5%, and suicide rates are climbing up, I wonder why governments are wasting money on things like collection of statistics.."
A famous comment on a Radio Talkshow in the time of recession

Hans Rosling says there’s nothing boring about stats, and then goes on to prove it. A one-hour long documentary produced by Wingspan Productions and broadcast by BBC, 2010. A DVD is available to order from Wingspan Productions. Director & Producer; Dan Hillman, Executive Producer: Archie Baron. ©Wingspan Productions for BBC, 2010

The Military of Sudan

English translation below

العسكريتارية أو الجندية السودانية ، أو وفق المصطلحات الحديثة: المؤسسة العسكرية السودانية ، قد استلهمت وورثت ثقافتها وبنيويتها منذ العديد من القرون.. هي في ذلك شأنها شأن كافة المجتمعات الانسانية القديمة التي تطورت حضرياً على أكتاف ستة أعمدة هى الكادحين والتجار والبيروقراطية والكتاب والعسكريتارية والأرستقراطية.. غير أن تفاعل المجتمعات الانسانية مع الأوضاع الاقتصادية والجيوسياسية يكون دوماً وحتماً متبايناً.. لذا ، جاء التطور الاجتماعي مختلفاً ومتناقضاً أحياناً بفعل التفاعلات والعلاقات بين الأمم والتي أصطلح على تسميتها سياسياً فيما بين الامبريالية والجبهوية

على أية حال ، لقد نهل عسكريو السودان وجنوده ثقافتهم من منابع عدة ، لعلها قد عكست التباين الثقافي والأثني من جانب ، بينما خلقت البوتقة السياسية الاجتماعية من آخر.. هكذا قد تسمت عائلاتهم باسم السودان في أحياء أمدرمان العتيقة ، تعبيراً ليس فقط عن التداخل والانصهار العرقي فيما بينهم ، ولكن أيضاً الحقيقة المهنية والحياتية التي قد تشاركوا فيها

من ثقافة الصحاري والطوارق تشبثوا بالجلد والصبر ، ومن ثقافة السافنا والأدغال اقترنوا بالحيلة والدهاء ، ومن العروبة تميزوا بالكبرياء والاباء ، ومن وادي النيل عرفوا بالحنو والبشاشة.. وبين ظهرانيهم انصهرت الرجّالة والأخلاق والأبوية ، فصاروا مَعلماً بارزاً أينما حطوا رحالهم ، دون ضجيج أو هنجهية .. لقد تركوا بصماتهم ، وكذلك ذريتهم المنسيون ، في مصر وفلسطين والحجاز وتركيا والمكسيك ، ومؤخراً في لبنان

لم تحفل العسكريتارية السودانية بمن يقبع في قصر الحكم ، ولكن لم يغضوا الطرف عن مدى الأهلية والمقدرة لديه .. لذا ، خرجوا في كثير من المرات لاستلام السلطة عندما تفشى الاهمال والتدهور في البلاد ، لكنهم لم يقاموا استلام المدنيين لها عندما أثبت السياسيون نضجاً ووعياً بما يلزم لبناء الأمة.. لم يكن عسكريو السودان في أي يوم ألعوبة بين السياسيين ، بل كانوا دوماً الخط الأحمر والجرس المدوي والسوط المؤلم على كل من سالت نفسه للتلاعب بمقدرات البلد والناس .. عسكريتارية السودان كانت على عبد اللطيف وأبوكادوك ورصاص ، وشتان بينهم وبين هؤلاء ممن تركوا قيادهم لعصابة البشير

غاية الأمر ، أن العسكريتارية السودانية المعروفة قد انتهت منذ أن تلاعب بها سياسيو السودان الجديد ، منذ أن شرع ناصحو النميري الرتب العسكرية للجمارك والمطافئ ، ومنذ أن تبدلت معايير الانضباط لكي تشمل اللحى ، ومنذ أن تشرزمت الفرق بالاعتبارات الأثنية ، ومنذ أن تخاذل الضباط بالعلاوات والمناصب وبدلات السفر ، ومنذ أن أصبحت للمخابرات العسكرية اليد الطولى لكي تفرق وتتسيد ، ومنذ أن صار الاستيداع والمعاش المبكر نهاية معروفة ، ومنذ أن صار الجيش مهنة من لا مهنة له يدربون قراصنة وشباب الصومال ، ويتأمرون مع أفورقي ومجنون ليبيا ومتصابي التشاد وراعي بقر أوغندا

عسكريتارية السودان التقليدية كانت قد رسمت هويتها وأمنها القومي ، مما قد وضع معايير توزيع الوحدات والقوات ، وكذا المشاركة عبر الحدود فيما بين غزة والسويس وبني غازي ، بل وكذلك قواعد معاقبة القادة أو نفيهم.. ذلك التاريخ المنسي لآحداث 1924 ، 1949 ، 1971

اليوم ، لا أحد يدري ما هو جيش السودان ، الى من ينتمي ، ومع من يرتبط ويهتم ، والى من يعادي ويحذر .. لقد تشابكت وتنافرت القيم والمقومات ، بين أحداث الجنينة وكادوقلي والدمازين وهجليج .. لقد نجحت الانقاذ في بذر التنافر بين أبناء السودان ، فصاروا أعداء بعد أن كانوا مجرد أخوة أشقياء
لذا ، لا عجب أن تتحول المعارك والدماء الى أدوات سياسية ، والشهادة الى أبواق اعلامية ، والجندية العتيدة الى مفردة فلكلورية يتغنى بها الساسة والحواشي والبلهاء من حولهم ، بينما الغالبية هى أجيال لم تعرف غير ثقافة الانقاذ العبثية والمبتورة والمشوهة ، أو من أجيال أقدم ، قد فاض بهم الكيل والهم والألم ، فباتوا أسرى الصمت

Military of Sudan

Sudanese Military were inspired by and inherited culture and structures many centuries.. Alike all human and old urban societies; it had evolved on the shoulders of six estate pillars: Laborers, Traders, Writers, Bureaucratic, Military and Aristocracy.. However, the interaction of human societies with economic conditions and geopolitics, was always and inevitably various.. Therefore, social development came in different and contradictory by interactions and relationships among nations; and termed the political connection between Imperialism and Alliances..

In any case, Sudanese Military and his soldiers are descendents of several cultures; which had reflected cultural and ethnic variation; while created a distinct sociopolitical pot.. In the ancient neighborhoods of Omdurman; their families used to call themselves “The Sudan”; an expression not only overlap the ethnic fusion with each other; but also a reality of professional life and that was shared..

From the culture of Sahara and Tuarig; they got clung and patience, from the culture of savannah and jungles They mastered deception and cunning, From Arabism; they distinguished themselves with pride and honor, and from the Nile Valley they were known of joviality.. Their brands of masculinity, manners and patriarchy were landmarks wherever they go.. Without noise or priggism; they left their marks, as well as their forgotten descendants; in Egypt, Palestine, Hijaz, Turkey and Mexico, and most recently in Lebanon..

Sudanese Military did not bother of who sits in the presidential palace, but did not turn a blind eye on the extent of eligibility and estimated he has.. So, they came out many times to receive power when the outbreak of neglect and deterioration in the country.. They did not resist the civilians role when is proved to political maturity and awareness of what is necessary to build a nation.. Sudanese Military had not in any day been puppets for the politicians, but they were always the red line, the ringing alarm and painful whip on who tried to manipulate the destiny of the country and the people.. Sudan Military was Ali Abdul-Latif, Abukadok and Rasas; whereas a great difference between them and those who have left Al-Bashir’s gang to rule their today’s destiny..

The famous Sudanese Military has ended since the manipulations by the politicians of the New Sudan.. Since Nimeiri’s Advisors gave military ranks to Customs and fire-brigades; since changed code of discipline to include growing bears; since that moral fractions grew by ethnicities; since the demoralizing the officers by bonuses, positions and travel allowances, since the Military Intelligence gained the upper hand in order to differentiate and dominates, since provisional and early retirement became in practice, and since it became a military became a career of who has no profession.. Current Personnel has trained Somali hackers and Al-Shabab gang, conspired with Afewerki of Eretria, Gaddafi of Libya and Dibbi of Chad and Musifini of Uganda..

Sudanese Military had drawn our traditional identity and national security; which has set the standard distribution of units and forces, as well as participating across the border between Gaza, Suez and Bani Ghazi.. It also set the rules of punishment or exile of leaders.. That forgotten dates to the events of 1924, 1949 & 1971

Today, no one knows what is the Army of Sudan.. To whom it belongs, associates with and cares.. To whom it warn of hostile.. Al-Inqaz had intertwined and reverted its values and components; among the events of El Geneina, Kadugli, Damazin and Heglig .. Al-Inqaz had succeeded to discord the people of Sudan, so they became enemies; while once were only some naughty brothers..

So, no wonder the turn of battles and bloodshed to be policy instruments, the sacrifices to be media loudspeakers, and the Military-Theme to be the folkloric songs, praise politicians, their parties and the idiots around them.. The majority are the generations that did not know anything but the absurd and amputated and distorted culture of Inqaz.. The older generations who live their frustrations and pain, and became prisoners of silence..

Friday, April 20, 2012


A dead soldier at Heglig..
Could be a northern or a Southern..
However; A Sudanese..!

Heglig.. where Sudanese bloods mixed and wasted..
It is the frustrated search for a victory; in times of decline..
It is the hilarious quest of ID; in times of defeat..
It is the adolescent emotions; in times of partition..
The political anarchy dominates the scene..


Both shrills and screams had their tunes right..
Laughs and tears came at the same night..
A land had known the same feet in draughts..
Swallowed their ancestors, waste and sweat
A spot listened to harmony of voices and lights
Not a Curse of Oil among people cursed by fights..
But a Curse of Politics among people lost their sights..!

عندما امتزجت إيقاعات الزغاريد والعويل
عندما ذُرفت الضحكات والدموع في نفس الليلة
هذه الأرض قد عرفت تلك الأقدام منذ مواقيت الجفاف
لقد ابتلعت من قبل أسلافهم ، ونفاياتهم وعرقهم
لقد استمتعت هذه البقعة بانسجام أصواتهم وأنوارهم
انها ليست لعنة النفط بين اناس موصومون بالقتال
لكنها لعنة السياسة بين اناس قد خسروا صفاء اذهانهم

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Study of Aesthetics..

Among Beauty, Nudity, and Pornography great divides..

Our preceptions of Aesthetics and Perfections are contradictives, yet a guage of how we are..

The perceptions of any viewer of such a brilliant photograph are much driven by her/his structured culture, intelligence and moral systems.. Notably, the early study of aesthetics would relief and purify the people from all earthy, materialistic or physical accumulations, while not changing the actual attribution of the subject matter.. This is how the Art had grown and prospered in many places.. This is how the physical desires of some people would ignite by a simple controversial exposure..

Adding to this, the fact that our perception of concepts is very much attached and driven by attributes.. Almost no one would realize how totally nude this female is..!!
Simply, Nudity is sort of perfection, while beauty is unlimited to shape..
Certainly, there is no way to find a pornographic  element as well, unless the viewer is absolutely mental or Psycho..!!

I do thank all intellectual friends who shared the beauty within..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


This excellent analysis had ignored two issues; which are critical in structuring the Turkish profile.. Islamization and Turkishism..

The Ottoman Empire had been structured as a religious Islamic Caliphate; which had gained the support of most Muslim nations.. The Turkishism was a critical factor in shaping both leadership and advocacy Turkey had exercised among all Turks from Uyghur of Western China to Bosnians of Balkan..

Muslims are currently in critical search for a political model and leadership; which had made many eyes desperately twist towards Ankara and Erdogan.. Yes; nothing was there to offer, but notably how such a declined situation had irritated the Turkish Islamists.. Therefore; the responses to Syrian crisis was in a way a meeting or defusing point..

Despite how the Turks as nations are fractured and scattered in various directions, but their enigmatic search for stability and prosperity will inevitably stretch their eyes towards the historical big brother.. This will echo once Turkey accepts the headaches and risks involved with changing the title of their quest from Great to Greater..!

Turkey's Strategy
April 17, 2012
By George Friedman
Turkey is re-emerging as a significant regional power. In some sense, it is in the process of returning to its position prior to World War I when it was the seat of the Ottoman Empire. But while the Ottoman parallel has superficial value in understanding the situation, it fails to take into account changes in how the global system and the region work. Therefore, to understand Turkish strategy, we need to understand the circumstances it finds itself in today.

The end of World War I brought with it the end of the Ottoman Empire and the contraction of Turkish sovereignty to Asia Minor and a strip of land on the European side of the Bosporus. That contraction relieved Turkey of the overextended position it had tried to maintain as an empire stretching from the Arabian Peninsula to the Balkans. In a practical sense, defeat solved the problem of Turkey's strategic interests having come to outstrip its power. After World War I, Turkey realigned its interests to its power. Though the country was much smaller, it was also much less vulnerable than the Ottoman Empire had been.

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ISS African Futures Project

The Institute for Security Studies (ISS) is a pan-African applied policy research institute headquartered in Pretoria, South Africa with offices in Cape Town, South Africa, Nairobi, Kenya,  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and Dakar, Senegal. The ISS is an established think tank working in the area of African human security. It seeks to mainstream human security perspectives into public policy processes and to influence decision makers within Africa and beyond. The objective of the Institute is to add critical balance and objectivity by providing timely, empirical research and contextual analysis of relevant human security issues to policy makers, area specialists, advocacy groups, and the media.
The ISS was founded in 1991 by the current Executive Director, Dr. Jakkie Cilliers and P. B. Mertz as the Institute for Defence Policy, which was renamed in 1996 as the Institute for Security Studies.

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Helen Thomas & Others..

Helen Thomas’s recent request to purchase a table at the upcoming White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) annual dinner has been rejected.
by Tony Phillip

On Monday The Huffington Post ran a story by Michael Calderone covering the White House Correspondents Association’s decision to deny veteran journalist Helen Thomas a table at its upcoming dinner at the Washington Hilton.
In a comment on that story I said, “It’s hard to imagine anything more wrong than this.”
I base my opinion on the fact that the 91-year-old Thomas, a former WHCA president, is unique among American journalists, having covered 10 different presidential administrations in a career stretching back to Dwight Eisenhower.
It is because of Thomas as much as anyone else that women were first included at the WHCA dinner since, as the WHCA’s website mentions

Campaigner Statement:
Kathleen Wells via John Maron

I'm going to call tomorrow, will you?
My Catbird Seat
It would be wonderful if you would all contact the WHCA about this matter — and please let us know if you have done so. We will be pleased to tell Helen how many people phoned and emailed on her behalf. Pro-Israel organizations have been known to organize 6,000+ emails in a single day — we should be able to do at least as well! — Alison Weir, Executive Director, If Americans Knew website. You can write WHCA online, phone them at 202-266-7453, and/or fax them at 202-266-7454
Arabs & Palestinians; The principal beneficiaries of Helen’s efforts, did not offer any recognition, sympathy or solidarity to her.. They are spending lots, hosting lots and rewarding lots of only who deliberately fools them not genuinely respects..!! They deny the double standards of Western Politicians, while they live by multiple faces..!! Whenever I see her aging, humiliation and denounce, my heart bleeds..

I'd love to hear from who are loudly and noisily speaks for the Palestinian cause..
Anyone can stand forward and tells what seriously and respectfully had been done to recognize Helen, Rachael, Vittorio, or others..?
Everyone is blamed.. Corrupted Governments, Amputated NGOs, False Intellectuals, and the General Public as well

Gandhi is Needed..!

The poster quotes Gandhi:
"Many are after the Power, Fewer after the Nation"

Gandhi was a Philosopher, who had solely preached for change and morals.. Nehru was the Statesman, who had actually brought the change.. Any Nation has many Gandis, whereas each has his own vision.. with no Governance on what's right and's wrong.. Any Nation needs a Statesman to bring ideas down to earth, practices and implementations..

Very few of our frustrated enthusiastic people who understands the demise between Philosophers and Statesmen.. Unless we do, we shall continue to pay and bear the heavy cost of political maturity..

Mohd Fudzail: all are known now as politicians.....

You mean..
A politician, political leader, or political figure (from Greek "polis") is someone who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. This includes people who hold decision-making positions in government, and people who seek those positions, whether by means of election, coup d'état, appointment, electoral fraud, conquest, divine right, or other means. Politics is not limited to governance through public office. Political offices may also be held in corporations, and other entities that are governed by self-defined political processes.

Imad Kayyali: I believe that "WE" need some of "Gandhi"s. There isn't any since a while.

My pooint that "Philosophy" is open for anyone with least qualifications; i.e. Public advocay including Facebook acounts..!!
"Statesmenhood" is ristricted to practical achivers; who are not bored with filling processing templates, reading analysis reports, developing KPI's graphs or conduct Board reporting..!!

Therefore; we have lots of Philosophers, fewer Statesmen..
BTW; it is almost the other way around at the Western Hemisphere.. Many Statesmen, fewer Philosophers.. Therefore, they had landed on the moon 50 years ago..!!
I guess "Talking Guage" is the true demise between East & West..!!
Imad Kayyali: I think what we have is quasi philosophers but not real figures that are capable to do real change. they are pretty of more of rhetoric writers than philosophers.
Philosophy is by default controversial..!!
Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems, such as those connected with existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. Philosophy is distinguished from other ways of addressing such problems by its critical, generally systematic approach and its reliance on rational argument. The word "philosophy" comes from the Greek φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which literally means "love of wisdom".

Imad Kayyali: I don't disagree with the definition, I am pointing at who really deserves the title. Who in fact would influence politicians and people, who would put the vision for a change, and who provides the framework for the people and politicians at same time. I still don't see that we have any at all. This is clearly comprehended when reading the Arab Spring.

I agree we don't have any Governance Framework.. We almost don't know what does it mean.. Only by governance, we can filter visions and ideas.. Your question is on the Governence: who would set and draw its framework to accept or reject ideas..?

Yes; it is usually combined between Philosopers and Statesmen; as it needs moral foundations as well as practical procedures.. Therefore, usually legislators invite philosophers to attend hearings by Statesmen.. If not practical to attend, Mass Media will facilitate the philosophy reviews and inputs, with an open eye on been taking seriously.. This is how Media is the 4th Estate.. As usual and as always, the Devil is in the details..!!

It is the typical practical story of Government.. Between Philosophies and Deliveries..
Therefore, many persons talk, or "philosophize" things.. Very few can address the practical implementations..

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Approaching Solutions..

(Arabic Translation below..)

The noise is unbearable in all towns, where everyone talks, few listens and almost no one thinks.. This is always the case across the underdeveloped countries; which got the name from deteriorated literacy, healthcare and wellbeing rates.. How can sound intact proposals come from emotional fractured personalities..? Both illusionist and notoriously ill minds can’t deliver stable progressive change..

No one can shame the commons.. They are active with lots of psychological burdens and tangible stresses.. They live their broken dreams and fading wish-lists.. But the intelligentsia are another story.. Supposedly, they are the treasure guardians, not hunters.. The future planners, not deformers.. They should be the mentors and the drivers.. Yet, mostly are inadequately unqualified, surprisingly characteristically deformed and awkwardly inefficient executives.. Of course; there are no Leaders..!

Collectively; sociopolitical and economic systems had raised generations with poor readiness to exercise any intellectual quest.. Many are smart in their academic endeavors, but fewer are capable to manage the complexity of politics and nations.. Each of them lives with a notable crack between theories and implementations.. They mostly provoke the golden role of focus, in favor of tangible earnings..

These academic shows- off by the intellectual elite are great magnet for both paid and free mass media.. Commons eager for any salvation; while industry lobbyists eager for new stars.. Inevitably; the public “Frustration” turns to golden ducks, Greed changes colors and wellbeing “Divide” goes deeper.. Borders between authenticity and falseness are not only thin, but nonexistent..

So far; it is proven that “Intelligentsia” are ridiculous barmen; who create bizarre recipes for solutions.. The dangerous cocktails of epistemic domains had already ruined the upraising for change, while undermining all potentials for settlement and prosperity.. Mixing Macro and Micro is their usual pitfalls; while the eloquent strategic justifications are mostly shallow.. The overall epistemic structure is deformed, while people keep hopeful..!

The “Estates of Nations” is a well established theme; which many “Home-Made-Neo-Philosophers” are not aware about.. Manifests of Political Practices are stable interpretations of both intellectual maturity and cultural sustainability.. Globalization is not imperialism, but inevitable Machiavellian integration across all humane activities and endeavors.. Both Chauvinism and Don-Quixote-ism are no longer accepted trends for non-fiction practices.. The 3rd Millennium is named for Intelligence rather than Information.. However, all above terms and abbreviations needs mutual consent..!!

It stills a long journey to pursue..!

The brilliant map from

مقاربة الحل

الضجيج أصبح لا يطاق في سائر المدن ، حيث يتحدث الجميع ، والقليل منهم يستمع ، وتقريبا لا أحد يفكر .. هذا هو الحال دائما في جميع البلدان النامية ، تلك التي حصلت على الأسم من انتشار الأمية ، وانتكاس الرعاية الصحية ، وتدهور معدلات الرفاهية .. كيف يمكن أن تأتي مقترحات سليمة من شخوص ممزقة عاطفياً ..؟ ان ذوي الأوهام والمنطق غير السوي لا يمكنهم الوصول الى التغيير التقدمي والمستقر

لا يمكن لأحد الحاق العار بعامة الناس .. فهم لا يكلون برغم الكثير من الأعباء النفسية والضغوط المادية .. يعيشون أحلامهم المكسورة وتلاشى الرغبة ، لكن المثقفين هم قصة أخرى .. فمن المفترض أن يكونوا هم حراس الكنز، وليس الصيادين .. ينبغي أن يكونوا مخططي المخططين في المستقبل ، وليس أدوات تدميره ، ينبغي أن يكونوا على المرشدين والسائقين .. للأسف ، معظمهم غير مؤهلين بالقدر الكافي ، والمدهش كم هم مشوهين ، والمميز كم أن هؤلاء التنفيذيين لا يملكون أية الفعالية .. وبالطبع ، لا يوجد قياديين

ان هؤلاء الصاخبين هم نتاج لنظم اجتماعية وسياسية واقتصادية التي وصمت استعدادهم بالفقر في ممارسة أية مساعي فكرية .. الحق يقال كم هم أذكياء في مساعيهم الأكاديمية ، ولكن قدرتهم فقيرة على إدارة تعقيدات السياسة والأمم .. كل واحد منهم يعيش مع وجود صدع ملحوظ بين النظريات والتطبيقات .. أدوار الغالب عليها نسيان القاعدة الذهبية في التركيز والتخصص ، لصالح أرباحهم الشخصية والمادية

هذا الصخب من قبل النخبة الاكاديمية والفكرية يشكل مصدر جذب كبير لكافة وسائل الإعلام .. جماهير العوام متحمسين تجاه أية سبيل للخلاص ، في حين أن جماعات الضغط والمصلحة حريصة بشدة على تلميع النجوم الجديدة .. حتما ، فان احباط الجمهور يتحول إلى بطة ذهبية ، بيما الطمع تتغير وتتحول آلوانه ، وفجوة الرفاهية تزداد عمقاً .. الحدود بين الأصالة والزيف لم تعد رقيقة فحسب ، ولكن صارت غير موجودة

حتى الآن ، ثبت أن هؤلاء "المثقفون" لا يجيدون فن صناعة الحلول ، بل يقدمون وصفات غاية في الغرابة .. يقدمون كوكتيل خطير من المعارف الغير ناضجة ، مما قد خرب بالفعل المقدرة على التغيير ، وفي الوقت نفسه تم تقويض كل الامكانات للتسوية والرخاء .. المزالق المعتادة في الاختلاط الخاطئ بين المستويات المعرفية الشاملة والتفصيلية ، في حين أن المبررات البليغة للاستراتيجيات أكثر ضحالة .. على الرغم من تشوه الهيكل المعرفي الكلي ، لا يزال يحتفظ الناس بالأمل

على الرغم من ان "بناء الأمم" هو موضوع راسخ ، الا ان العديد من هؤلاء "الفلاسفة الجدد محليو الصنع" ليسوا على دراية به .. تظهر الممارسات السياسية تفسيرات غير مستقرة بشأن كل من النضج الفكري والاستدامة الثقافية .. العولمة ليست الإمبريالية  ولكنها التكامل الذي لا غنى عنه .. المكيافيلية لا مفر منها في جميع الأنشطة والمساعي الإنسانية .. كلا من الشوفينية والدون كيشوتية لم تعد مقبولة الا في الممارسات الخيالية .. الألفية الثالثة هي عنوان للذكاء في التطبيقات بدلا من ادارة المعلومات .. ومع ذلك ، فان كل الاصطلاحات والمختصرات المذكورة أعلاه تتطلب اتفاقاً بالتراضي

انها فقط البداية لرحلة طويلة لمتابعة أحلام الوطن والجماهير

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"An anthropologist proposed a game to African tribe kids. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told them that whoever got there first won the sweet fruits.

When he told them to run they all took each others hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats.

When he asked them why they had run like that as one could have had all the fruits for himself they said: UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?
UBUNTU in the Xhosa culture means:
"I am because we are"

Thanks to Mohamed Ayoub Fadlallah for Sharing 

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Political Utopia..

During the last 15 months, which had the nickname Arabic Spring; lots of serious debates and hilarious hypocrisy had enabled the outstanding (and profitable) circulations of both old and new media.. Many names came out as commentators, analysts and journalists.. Several hundred became overnight notable political activists, while dozens of others became overnight leaders-in-charge.. However, such chaos reflects decades of bizarre ideology creation and transformation.. Arabs had that articulation in 1970th, whereas all political mandates and sociopolitical characteristics had changed..

Despite how the dream of Utopia was agreed to be unrealistic and symbolic; it had conceived with the inevitably-realistic politics; and delivered mass confusion and uncertainty.. People, particularly the youth, had turned their gatherings in streets, cafes, clubs, institutions and Facebook into race for assumptions, rumors and imputed facts.. The high rates of cultural deficit and isolation; had made it easy to translate the domains, and fill the context by inadequate local substances.. Both intelligentsia and commons were easy prey by professional monopolies and distractions; and by their own Political Utopia..

The devil was locally made by a supposedly intellectual elite, whose exposure to the world is limited.. Linguistic barriers, poor translation-production, and natural resilience of local stigmas (compared to the world); had collectively isolated the events from cold (external) critiques or support.. People loved the hot and exciting events of demonstrations, assassinations, retaliations, biographies and Utopias.. As how most Arabs were always attached to their personalized media, locally or abroad (apart from the Turkish drama); as how their epistemic realizations are intellectually challenged.. The unspoken Arabic priggism is a Preserver of identity, a Product of history, and a Protector against globalization.. Nevertheless, Utopia has to be global, as each “Self” needs the “Other” to knows itself..

Only Tunisians had safely sailed with their “Jasmine”; by their cross border debates, while all other Arabs are fractured, distracted and disarray.. Not only the price of self realization is high, but also the goals become uncertain.. It was not Facebook that ignited the protest, but the unemployment.. It was not the intellectuals who run the upraising, but the radical Islamists.. It was not the nicely written political manifests, but the eye catching banners.. It was not the returned fortune-expatriates, but who shared malnutrition, malfunction and malformation.. All other Political Parties fade by their lack of organization, resilience and devotion.. Despite how the Islamist had ruled Sudan since 1989, Arabic Intelligentsia is proven freakily unconscious, extremely ignorant and severely challenged..

This is not about how Islamists are good or bad, but about how the consensus is.. Certainly, political mechanism will eventually develop a winner, but on what cost..? The concurrent events tells how the public is childish comparable to the administrations.. This supports patriarchy and big-brotherhood advocacy rather than revolt against.. Violence, physical and verbal; interprets the self destruction rather than salvation.. Gradual surrender is commonly growing due to the natural contractions against Change.. Political Utopia is gradually replaced by Maslow’s roles.. As Arabs start to know the true Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Justice and Development Party, Arabic Spring successfully replaces the Turkish dramas..!!

This article by inspired by Moroccan constitutional changes, Algerian iron fest, Tunisian mature reconciliation, Libyan power struggle, Egyptian epistemic disarray, Sudanese octopus regime, Yemeni fractured elite, Saudi radical victories, Bahraini string-toys, Kuwaiti strong tides, Iraqi politics of greed, Syrian search of leadership, Lebanon trades for prosperity, Jordanian calculated moves, and Palestinian aging breath.. Hemdan's Green Coast carfuly watches and analyzes.. AfroArabs of Mauritania, Somalia and Djibouti are left for Africom for appropriate actions..!!

The Living Nasser..!

This article is an intellectual product of a beautiful mind and personality.. Not only for the epistemic equilibrium; but also the fair stand among rivals..

Many people ignore the historical facts that had already shaped the public mode an...d experiences between Nile and Euphrates.. This had unified the political framework in Southern Syria, Western Jordan, Eastern Lebanon and Northern Egypt.. Regretfully, the local intelligentsia waste their time advocating their independent characteristics and patriotic sovereignty.. One hundred years ago, there were no boundaries or borders; while both commons and intellectuals used to migrate and resettle.. Folklore, surnames and domestics prove a unity that was for long been abandoned..

Good work Sarah..!
How Nasser shaped the Arab Spring
By Sarah Mousa
Similar tactics of oppression have been used by the leadership of Egypt and Syria to weaken the will of their people.
Last Modified: 22 Feb 2012 10:
Al Jazeera

Today marks the 54th anniversary of the foundation of the United Arab Republic (UAR), a unity between Egypt and Syria that was the height of Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser's power and the pinnacle of the pan-Arab philosophy that he epitomised.
At that moment in 1958, the Arab world took a decisive step towards declaring its ultimate independence from foreign influence and reclaiming a unity that both Eastern and Western powers had worked to destroy since the Middle East's golden age. Nasser emotionally described the jubilant scenes he witnessed on the day of the UAR's founding, and later called it a victory for the Arabs as a free people, despite the eventual dissolution of the Republic.

A closer look at this time, one hailed as a revolutionary moment in modern Arab history, offers great insight into the region's current struggles. Nasser's philosophies resonated closely with people not only in Egypt, but throughout the Arab world and beyond, making him overwhelmingly popular. However, both the Syrian and Egyptian systems today are rooted in institutions that the Nasser regime either directly or indirectly created. It is these institutions that have pushed the people of both countries to rise, and that have allowed the Assad regime of Syria and Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) in Egypt to continue to exert control over their countries.

Nasser's insistence on complete Arab sovereignty and unity, as well as a focus on the plight of the poor, made him a central figure in a region rising out of British and French imperialism. Nasser's frustration at the failure of Arab armies in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, due to foreign control and Arab disunity, would later be cited as the key impetus for his role in the 1952 military coup that rid Egypt of British rule. Nasser's humble background and disdain for the aristocratic hierarchy of the time further inspired him to champion the cause of the poor, the farmers and the workers through semi-socialist policies implemented during his presidency.

Full Article:

An Angel Sonata..

A Singaporean dream that never diminished..!!

Fairy Tales remind us on those Knights who would only pave their own dignity for their beloved-ones to walk, to honor their dear-ones with their own lives, and to offer their full loyalty to the chosen-ones; despite any temptation..

Yes, such tales revive the noble qualities, and enable justified meanings for our endeavors.. Therefore, they are told to the children as ready to sleep, to dream about the better loveable world.. and to last in their unconsciousness for the goodness..

I was not such a lucky-one in my early age, but later, I did hear my own self, reading the same in the Medieval fictions.. In my teens, I imagined the colorful spectrum of those nicely told novels.. In many strories; close-ups were always dramatic conclusions; a reminder that happiness is just nicely told dreams.. I recall these ideas while decided to write to you my last boring mail..

Regretfully, I could not manage to attract your attention to be Friends; at least.. Realizing how much you are an adorable-friend, with pure heart and soul.. I do have lots of bright-brains around; but I sensed in yours something different, which had made me pushy and silly.. Therefore, I have to stop such immature attempts..

My regret would be very humble, if you would discover one day that some unfortunate events or perceptions; had disabled you to foresee the happy end of my own Fairy Tale..

Sincerely, Be Blessed..