Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Angel Sonata..

A Singaporean dream that never diminished..!!

Fairy Tales remind us on those Knights who would only pave their own dignity for their beloved-ones to walk, to honor their dear-ones with their own lives, and to offer their full loyalty to the chosen-ones; despite any temptation..

Yes, such tales revive the noble qualities, and enable justified meanings for our endeavors.. Therefore, they are told to the children as ready to sleep, to dream about the better loveable world.. and to last in their unconsciousness for the goodness..

I was not such a lucky-one in my early age, but later, I did hear my own self, reading the same in the Medieval fictions.. In my teens, I imagined the colorful spectrum of those nicely told novels.. In many strories; close-ups were always dramatic conclusions; a reminder that happiness is just nicely told dreams.. I recall these ideas while decided to write to you my last boring mail..

Regretfully, I could not manage to attract your attention to be Friends; at least.. Realizing how much you are an adorable-friend, with pure heart and soul.. I do have lots of bright-brains around; but I sensed in yours something different, which had made me pushy and silly.. Therefore, I have to stop such immature attempts..

My regret would be very humble, if you would discover one day that some unfortunate events or perceptions; had disabled you to foresee the happy end of my own Fairy Tale..

Sincerely, Be Blessed..

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