Saturday, April 28, 2012

Drones Killings..

US Air Drones had paralyzed Taliban, eliminated Qaeda of Arabia, ereased AlShabab of Somaila, and many others who we do not know.. Just track the closed stories in the news, i.e., LRA of Uganda and War Lords of DRC Katanga.. Certainly, huge unknown civil causalities, to establish a manageable world order..!!
Is it Righteous or Wrong Doings..?

Getting to the grounds of realities and inevitable politics..
It happens that most of the chaos are among Muslims; who are mostly illiterate and unfit.. They blindly and faithfully follow their Muftis.. These Glorified Muftis are advising on 10 years a marriage age for girls, rejecting foreign non-Muslim aid, women are not allowed to drive cars, banning education for girls, an adult male should observe a women when she browses the internet, ban on Western knowledge, and thousands of hilarious Fatwas that ashamed any Muslim with brains..
Yet, those Muftis are leading the opposition to exchange or manage any social or urban developments, to survive on ignorance and back-warding stats..

How much the NGOs are frustrated and got their efforts and lives wasted..?
You can't help a person who rejects your offerings..

Among these poor people, values of human rights are not considered by their immature penal codes, fractured judiciary systems and corrupt politicians.. They can't understand or obey not to plant Cannabis in Afghanistan; stop Piracy in Gulf of Eden, provoke the State in Yemen, or support development in Mali..

It is not only the Dark Times has reborn, but irreversible conditions of humane humiliation and downgrading.. Then, what to do to get them worldly integrated.. Eliminate or Negotiate..?
This was the question, which peoples vary in answers..!

It should not be by all morals, but politicians are always in a hurry for results, once their strategists confirm both margins and potentials.. None of those politicians is that operationally genius to plan it himself, nor that morally noble to care for unseen on TVs..!!

Activists in Europe are exercising advanced intellectual mandates that are not cable to fit with the actual social orders of these outdated communities.. Most of these unfortunate people can’t understand the domains that are debated in blogs, media or academia.. Their needs are concentrated in few materialistic issues, that are controlled by who owns moneys, guns and connections.. Traditional dynasties are not functioning any more, and mostly had faded by the repeated political unrests.. There is no brains to negotiate, but helpless citizens, greedy war lords and notorious civic leaders..

There is a great divide between the need to share the pain, and the need to understand it.. This is not an advocacy for murder whatsoever, but the one to establish true consensus..
Maybe it is the time for NGOs and Activists to revisit their visions and strategies for the best ways forward.. The stage now is full of actors, including the NGOs themselves..!

Yes, it is a great problem, which requires that unknown approach and solutions.. It is increasing by the day, as result of hatred, need and death.. Regretfully, all educated or bright Afghani, Somali, and Yeminis had fled their countries and obtained US or European citizenships.. Who are stayed back there, share with their colleagues in Saudi, Mali, Chad, Sudan, Pakistan the daily search for Dollars.. Corruption became the extraordinary monsters; which no one is capable to fight or control.. It is truly frustrating for me and many others that there are no solutions working..!!

After three decades, the hidden and monopolizing hands over AlQaeda and others are not effectively unctioning.. By laws of organizational behavior, those outlaws are working by their own momentums and had created their own visions and missions..

I strongly believe that all current campaigns and understanding has to change.. Maybe if the independent activists would reach something, Officials will listen.. Between politics and covert operations there are lots of unknown and unspoken issues.. The true stories will never be folded.. This is not the concern here..

It is how to keep the people of good intensions intact, and capable to provide better solutions.. To exchange progrressive ideas rather than debatable information.. The 21st century is the era of intellegent minds rather than information..

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