Sunday, April 29, 2012

Heglig or Panthou..?

Heglig or Panthou..
This is the question..
A few hundred people small town in the middle of nowhere..
Only was known as Pump Station No. 1; in the Sudanese pipeline..
It became a news by itself.. False of True..
It also became Panthou..
Once was land of drought and ghosts..
It became land of Patriotism and Martyrdom..
A Land of Deceive and Partition..
Whenever they celebrate a victory or mourn a causality..
I feel how my country is lost..!
Al-Bashier and his Inqaz were never successful partitioning Sudan..
Their goal is finally accomplished..
In the glorified celebrations of hilarious victories..
Sudan became consensually TWO Countries..
Who had chanted against the forced Partition..
Now chants for the hallucinated Victory..!!
Is there a Victory among Brothers..?
No one asks.. No one cares..
The media machine runs fast, consuming Hearts and Minds..
Across the new factual Line of Divide..
Many lives, souls and hopes were wasted..
Many Facts and Estates were vulgarly replaced..
No one feels.. lives..
No one would survive..!!

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