Saturday, April 7, 2012

Political Utopia..

During the last 15 months, which had the nickname Arabic Spring; lots of serious debates and hilarious hypocrisy had enabled the outstanding (and profitable) circulations of both old and new media.. Many names came out as commentators, analysts and journalists.. Several hundred became overnight notable political activists, while dozens of others became overnight leaders-in-charge.. However, such chaos reflects decades of bizarre ideology creation and transformation.. Arabs had that articulation in 1970th, whereas all political mandates and sociopolitical characteristics had changed..

Despite how the dream of Utopia was agreed to be unrealistic and symbolic; it had conceived with the inevitably-realistic politics; and delivered mass confusion and uncertainty.. People, particularly the youth, had turned their gatherings in streets, cafes, clubs, institutions and Facebook into race for assumptions, rumors and imputed facts.. The high rates of cultural deficit and isolation; had made it easy to translate the domains, and fill the context by inadequate local substances.. Both intelligentsia and commons were easy prey by professional monopolies and distractions; and by their own Political Utopia..

The devil was locally made by a supposedly intellectual elite, whose exposure to the world is limited.. Linguistic barriers, poor translation-production, and natural resilience of local stigmas (compared to the world); had collectively isolated the events from cold (external) critiques or support.. People loved the hot and exciting events of demonstrations, assassinations, retaliations, biographies and Utopias.. As how most Arabs were always attached to their personalized media, locally or abroad (apart from the Turkish drama); as how their epistemic realizations are intellectually challenged.. The unspoken Arabic priggism is a Preserver of identity, a Product of history, and a Protector against globalization.. Nevertheless, Utopia has to be global, as each “Self” needs the “Other” to knows itself..

Only Tunisians had safely sailed with their “Jasmine”; by their cross border debates, while all other Arabs are fractured, distracted and disarray.. Not only the price of self realization is high, but also the goals become uncertain.. It was not Facebook that ignited the protest, but the unemployment.. It was not the intellectuals who run the upraising, but the radical Islamists.. It was not the nicely written political manifests, but the eye catching banners.. It was not the returned fortune-expatriates, but who shared malnutrition, malfunction and malformation.. All other Political Parties fade by their lack of organization, resilience and devotion.. Despite how the Islamist had ruled Sudan since 1989, Arabic Intelligentsia is proven freakily unconscious, extremely ignorant and severely challenged..

This is not about how Islamists are good or bad, but about how the consensus is.. Certainly, political mechanism will eventually develop a winner, but on what cost..? The concurrent events tells how the public is childish comparable to the administrations.. This supports patriarchy and big-brotherhood advocacy rather than revolt against.. Violence, physical and verbal; interprets the self destruction rather than salvation.. Gradual surrender is commonly growing due to the natural contractions against Change.. Political Utopia is gradually replaced by Maslow’s roles.. As Arabs start to know the true Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his Justice and Development Party, Arabic Spring successfully replaces the Turkish dramas..!!

This article by inspired by Moroccan constitutional changes, Algerian iron fest, Tunisian mature reconciliation, Libyan power struggle, Egyptian epistemic disarray, Sudanese octopus regime, Yemeni fractured elite, Saudi radical victories, Bahraini string-toys, Kuwaiti strong tides, Iraqi politics of greed, Syrian search of leadership, Lebanon trades for prosperity, Jordanian calculated moves, and Palestinian aging breath.. Hemdan's Green Coast carfuly watches and analyzes.. AfroArabs of Mauritania, Somalia and Djibouti are left for Africom for appropriate actions..!!

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