Sunday, April 29, 2012

Soft Doomsday..!!

In 1990, an epidemic had swept Eastern Sudan, whereas people in young age, 20-30 years old, men and women were perished within couple of high fever weeks.. The government at that time could not do anything, due to logistics, location and capacity..

The distressed calls were sent to WHO, US Navy Research Center in Cairo, and to thier HQ in North Carolina.. Teams were deployed, with standard procedures to inventory patients, categorize and collect history and bio-samples..

The serious guys returned back to Sudan in couple of weeks, with sample drugs, which the patients had been grouped and treated with.. Within the observations for another couple of weeks, some patients passed away, others deteriorated, few got better.. Again, the bio-samples were collected, and the Savors left the country..
Only, by grace of Allah swt, the epidemic mysteriously came to an end..! 

No one knew what was happening, what was the disease or what were the drugs..

End of an eye-witnessing story..!!

Since that time I was carefully following up the secret world of disease control and healthcare; in connection to geopolitics and economics..
Reports and charts were spreading in late 1990th; on the gap between demand and resources, in all critical sectors, particularly, food, water and housing..
People are increasing in a mad way, while supply is not..

The question:
With such a serious gap, whom will be served first.. ??

Since that time I came to understand the controversial measures taken to balance populations to resources..
I don’t blindly buy the mass media of world order..
As a Public Servant, I know how governments think and act..
These videos are not shocking to me..

Yet, there is a serious question to be answered..!

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