Sunday, May 6, 2012

African-African Slavery..

This story support the claims that Black Slavery is domestic heritage rather than colonial suppression.. Investigating deeper will change lots of the consumed and perceived facts..!!
A Black-Black Slavery; which both Arabs and European had little to do with.. It was only an annex to a domestic Africanpractice.. However, it would be controversial to condemn their seizure of business opportunities..!!

In South Sudan, Girls Are Given Away to Settle Family Feuds
by Tom Rhodes Apr 6, 2012 4:45 AM EDT
The world’s newest country still practices a shameful old tradition. Now a new movement aims to stop it.
Atia Odongi was 8 years old when her family gave her away. A crime had been committed in her town of Torit in South Sudan—Atia was selected to pay the price.
Atia’s brother had killed a man over a cattle dispute, so Atia was handed over to the man’s family as
compensation. It’s a traditional practice in communities across her state of Eastern Equatoria in South Sudan, the country that became independent from Sudan in July 2011, after decades of civil war. For girls like Atia, their life becomes one of servitude and abuse, as the new families often harbor bitterness, taking revenge upon the girls they are given.
When Atia turned 9 years old, she was married to a son in her new family. When that man died of an illness, she was passed on to a younger brother. She spent her days scrubbing and cleaning—and being raped repeatedly by her new husband and other men in the family, with the intention of producing a child to replace the murdered family member. She was beaten if she fought back.
“I tried to kill myself twice,” says Atia, now 14 and still living in servitude.


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