Monday, May 14, 2012

Being Down There..!

It is a simple, smiling and relaxed image, yet contains all the wrong spellings..!!

Sudan, occupies the lower ranks in most of indexes, apart from Corruption and Slums.. Therefore many compiled elements defeat the national will to prosperously develop and grow the nation.. Many of these are related to the unfit sociocultural system, whereas morals, ethics and referrals are either fictions or outdated.. Nations in times of despair are required to stand firm, discussing, analyzing and drawing their road maps towards the decent wellbeing.. Regretfully, the amount of ego and negativities are greater than the advocates themselves..!!

Standing against the common streams is risky; not only by the inevitable circumstances, but also by the unprofessional responses

However, I guess I have to spell it.. regardless..!

Despite how usually the public memory is short-live:
When Inqaz succeeded to compile the (fit) North against the (ill) South at Heglig..
When people are obsessed with (Millions) currency despite the changed value..
When no one (effectively) stand against the NCP cult and its shameless members..
When Nubas, Nubians, Bejas and Darfurean are treated (rated) 2nd and 3rd class..
When our intelligentsia (whatsoever) turns opportunitists and lobbyists..
When AlRasheed wed in a (Pharaoh) Howdah, carried by All-Blacks..
When universities became (sacred) temples of ego and advocated deceptions..
When security personnels practice (excessive) schizophrenia and sadism..
When no outspoken (ivory-writer) can spell “The National Security Framework”..
When the globe (de-facto) stripped Sudan from Arabic into Africans maps..
When Hilal wed (a notorious polygamous) for exaggerated millions of Dollars..
When we can’t realize how unfit our (awkward) social and gender trends are..
When we can’t stop glorifying a (barren) ivory educational system..
When our borders are whorishly accessible despite the manly noisy shunts..
When our history is rewritten by holy journalists and notorious politicians..
When Sudan became an icon for Women-whipping bustard-Orphans and FGM..
When we can’t stop recalling a (perished) unsustainable civic service..
When no Cliché-Intellectual can define Governance vs. Government..

Therefore, having a dancing President, thieve Statesmen, fake Generals, illiterate Degree-Holders and enthusiastic Mentally-Challenged-Persons and is never a shock to any (epistemic) outlook..

Therefore, having a 2nd passport is legitimate..!!

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