Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Discipline vs. Precision..

It's normal for schools in the Far East to have an hour or two sessions in a week where the students are gathered outside in a field or some sort to learn discipline. From things like standing at an arm's length from the person in front of you and half an arm's length from the person to your right, to responding in a timely manner at commands. Students are conditioned to these timings and are ultimately attuned to each others' timings. Speaking and moving in unison when demanded

This is not an "Amazing Japanese Precision" as titled on YouTub, but "Discipline"..

During the last couple of years, Arabic Youth, Intelligentsia and Media-Speakers were all united against the Military Establishments.. This was part of their uprising against the corrupt political regimes; which had full control over the military in their countries.. Inevitably, the demise between politics and military was invisible across the Arab world, as well as in most 3rd world nations..

In this public hallucination, the military was badly named, accused of national betrayal and alignment with foreign imperialists and lobbyists.. All military attributes were condemn as back warding, while the term "Anarchy" was spreading across all levels.. History was in the course of rewritten by the enthusiastic anti-military.. Political dumbness was, and still common practice whereas everyone talks, and no one listens.. However, these hilarious battles still going on, while most of Arab nations are headless and dizzy.. This regretful phenomenon is expected to rule for the next 10 years..!!

Among those military-haters; none had the capacity to civilly define discipline, order and hierarchy.. Certainly, it was moves against the universal culture that Military had contributed to structure.. The people had forgot how history was built by Generals and War Lords; who had visions supported by powers.. Those were not exceptional, but ordinary military leaders.. The military code is a leadership one.. It is part of the civic evolution and growth.. A General can’t be a General if he is not a Leader..!

There is a great divide between Discipline and Precision..

Discipline is not discretionary, but Precession is.. You may choose to be precise or not, but once been disciplined, precision is not your choice anymore.. You will have to be precise even if you don’t want to be..!

This is how the great nations had been.. This is why many visionaries think to maintain the national service, and others who had it canceled advocate to have it back..

Civilization is synonymous to discipline.. Anarchy is never a positive attitude, but a pragmatic beneficiaries and imperialist one..

However, it seems big talk for small minds..!!

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