Saturday, May 5, 2012

African & Balck Art..

Exaggeration and challenging the limits are modern urban characteristics for both African and Black people.. Maybe this is a normal reaction of bitter marginalization.. Maybe this is the handy way to show off in times of mass media.. Maybe these are fruits of unknown historical or cultural seeds.. Or maybe just meaningless physical fantasies..

In Africa and among Black people, fewer are the serious social studies or skillful expertise to understand both referrals and evolutions of these communities.. With high rates of poverty, illiteracy and illnesses, people are incapable to seek more than their basic physical needs and commodities.. Art and performances are always mirrors of our intellectual capacities..

The extremes of both vulgarity and naivety are well observed whenever you go across the continent..  Sympathy and solidarity is not that great to stabilize the communities.. Rivals are common scene as extracted from the tribal history and practices.. Power and authority shape politics and social grading, rather than wealth or knowledge..

The interests run by Investors and venture capitalism have no vacancy for humane interventions or long term planned developments.. Nothing encourages any serious attempts to change the long term lasting injustices and abuses among the people themselves.. It is not only a matter of reflections to times of atrocities, but social culture that goes deep in time when African used to sell their natives to foreigners.. Or to the recent one, whereas rural slavery is common in countryside and jungles..

Between the self condemnation and others accusations lay great divide of sustainable civilization..!


  1. It breaks my heart.

    1. I know its awful... where do people get these crazy ideas from