Sunday, May 13, 2012

SS Development Ring..

The world's newest country is poor, unutilized and failed in rates that get further deteriorated and scrambled by time and politics.. The HDIs show critical combinations that would normally take decades to stabilize, rather than progressively change or develop..

No one would blame the fragile intelligentsia or inexperienced administrators to produce reliable frameworks and road maps for developments; while the political lobbyists enjoy stronger overseas support and unaudited funds..

During my professional endeavors, a concept was developed on a constructible orientation towards an integrated national development in the South Sudan.. The stats had been well analyzed, and the numbers were well planned.. In today’s world, finance and funds are only and magically triggered by doubtlessness, compliances and matrixes..

This proposed scheme targets 2,500km of surface transit, 7 regional land ports, 14 urban centers and 5,000,000 acres of agro framing.. This is a wellbeing transformation of more than 2,000,000 capita, with combined monetary revenues of more than $10,000,000,000 per annum..!

SSGOV is not required to invest a penny..!

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  1. Because; I don’t recognize the Partition..
    This is not a shy business suicide, but a shiny public armor..!

    I’m sorry; but the phrase of “rich resources” became a myth.. Since dawn of literature in Sudan, everyone spoke about the diversity and richness of resources, while no single event had proved such a reality.. Maybe it is time to speak factual holdings rather than wishful estimates..!!

    Having the resource richness in the back of minds, had been a cushion that truly hindered both development and required hard work.. There are many nations with less resources than ours, yet manage to score and grow.. Bringing the social and behavior breakdown on the table, would stripe my citizenship.. lol..