Monday, May 21, 2012

The Stone

 The stone had marked 21st Century mindset, either for Ethical Democracy or Moral Suppressions..

NCP's Article 146: Stoning women to death since 1991
Monday, May 21, 2012
A couple of days ago I read that a 15-year-old girl has been sentenced to “death by stoning” for allegedly committing adultery and consequently admitting her guilt. The report, forwarded to me from a credible source, cited that a Sudanese judge found the female minor, Intisar, guilty of committing adultery and sentenced her to death by stoning – a sentence which apparently comes in accordance with Article 146 of the Sudanese criminal law.

The above eloquent and marvelous assay had brought mix of ideas.. Not only the awful downgrade humanity suffers in Sudan, but also the inevitable questions touching the foundations of the Islamic belief.. Both issues are critical, and should not go unanswered, yet the answers are doors for political hell, not the social heavens..!

Opportunities, precautions and uncertainties during the last 23 years; are clauses to indictment the public rather than NCP.. Yes, both words and spelling are correct; as NCP had released and magnified the historical confusions and contradictions we had covertly had from Nimoli up to Wadi Halfa..

No one, including the so-called intellectual elite had guts to admit the wrongdoings we had.. The typical claims of personal and communal distinction and excellence had easily transformed to unbelievable interpretations of chauvinism and sadism.. Yet, the golden speakers and holy advocates are still around seducing and/or anesthetize the poor public..

Two parameters to consider: An Islamic principle that Ummah will never unite for wrongdoing.. This means if a wrongdoing is publically accepted, they simply are not an Ummah..! Instead of questioning referrals or logic of the ruling, we have to address our moral and ethical eligibilities to be its community.. If we are certain on how we are eligible, then we no need to address the subject as the true Ummah will only suffer minor not major sins..!!

Secondly; The bouquet of syndromes which the Sudanese society experience in the modern history had been denied and eloquently hidden with web of stigmas, taboos and red tapes.. Northern denounces the Southern DNA they have.. Arabs live an ancient racial supremacy.. Non-Arabs interpret an epistemic cause into political pitfall.. Intellectuals live fictions of superiority and complacence.. Factually; no notable sociologist, folklorist or a lawyer had been a Sudanese.. Having isolated cases of achievement has no value in borderless world..

Intisar, Heglig, or others, are easy fuel of the mass media machine, which the 21st century Islamists had proven extraordinary skills to run.. Her stoning is rather merciful than a brother who lost a heart, a community which lost a mind, or a future which is already black..!!

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  1. Surat AlNoor had conditioned “Group of Believers” to witness the punishment.. Are we believers or just Muslims..? This is the question and the road map towards any satisfied answer..

    If we guaranteed ourselves being believers, we guarantee ourselves from divine deception, which no believer exercises.. If we strive to be righteous believers, we shall be careful not to prejudice, accuse or judge anyone, unless undoubted evidences and circumstances are proven.. This is the merit of Shariah most “Islamists” ignore.. This is what is applied among non-Muslim Judiciaries..!!

    It is not a quest on Islam, but the one on Muslims.. Their eligibilities to carry the Islamic attributes is widely question, as products of dark centuries and mutilated governance and governments.. Yes, we need a serious reform to stand up; if there is a chance to do so, or at least to meet our Creator swt with less guilt of neglection or disrespect..

    Despite how illiteracy spread among Muslim, the true cause of deterioration is their deformed epistemia.. India, China, Brazil and many others had lower rates of Human Development, yet had managed to grow and firmly stand.. It is a required prosecution of all intellectual “dignitaries” who used religion, people and nations for their own personal disposal..

    Muslims are instructed and mandated by self-critique; which is totally lost as principle and educational tool, and/or governing referrals.. In my answer to “Anonymous” above: We have to question our eligibility to Islam.. which almost no one dares to do..!

    Despite how adultery is a sin rather than a mistake, it is generally spreading among youth in Sudan and elsewhere.. Between been caught or escape unnoticed is the social disorder and spiritual malfunctions..

    DSK had confronted a well establish Judiciary system, yet; so far; managed by games of lawyers to escape the indictment.. In our Sudanese case, we have amputated legal system, run by so-called Judges, (who had certainly committed adultery at young age), supported by brutal merciless Law Enforcement establishment, and endorsed by shadow Statesmen and politician..