Friday, May 4, 2012

The Sudan I Can't live..

A dear friend of mine keeps debating me on how I should visit Sudan.. "It is far different from the one you left 20 years ago.." She said..

"Yes, I know.. There are more concrete, more tarmac and more urbanism.. But does it have more sustained morals..?" I asked..

There is something greatly missing, which sends negative vibes to me, whenever the Sudan Quest comes up.. I can't hold any contended wishful thinking to unconditionally enjoy the living there..

The Sudan I know had Christmas and Maoled.. Had Nuba and Nubia.. Had Mosques and Bars.. Had Parties and Zdekr.. Had no wealth distinction.. No Show off.. No abuse.. No foolishness.. A country of harmonized contradictions..!!

"If I shall go; I shall not leave to anywhere else.." I replied..!
Explaining Why:
"Once I shall drop there; I shall overwhelmingly been defused among memories, realities and stressfulness.. I shall not be able to leave again, turning my back to the people I mysteriously love.. While having nothing to offer, but my sincere love.. and reality sharing.. It will not be my last resort, but my last move.."

I know; I shall return one day, as once I had made a prayer to die and been buried there.. next to my Dad at Farouk cemetery..
Undoubtedly, I sense it had been accepted..!!


The below clips are about the Sudan I can't live..!!

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