Monday, May 28, 2012

Sufism vs. Spirituality..

Not only because Arabic is my mother tongue, but I had been raised in Egypt, with close environment to the Sufi Orders.. Regretfully, Sufi Nasheeds in Egypt had turned into folkloric assets, with disconnect to their religious referrals.. This had seriously contributed to the obvious decline of Egyptian Sufism during the last 20 years.. which is an authentic partner of the Egyptian Culture..
Egyptian Sufi Orders could not advocate the essence of their epistemia, while been viciously attacked by both fundamentalists and seculars, at the same time.. The famous Sufi Festivals of Egypt, including celebrating birthdays of Ahl AlBaiet and Imams, had also turned into entertainment occasions rather than the authentic role in religious upbringing and education..
The subject performer, despite been old enough to witness the modern glorious days of Egyptian Sufism in 1950th till 1970th, he had; along with many of his peers, to transform into spirituality rather than Sufism.. Notably, many of these performers neglect their religious duties and rituals for contradicting behaviors and addictions..
I guess I have to note for the common good..!

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