Tuesday, May 15, 2012

To My Team with Love..!

The best movie and performance on the teaching profession..
Teaching is not necessarily in schools, but whenever someone conveys to others knowledge, morals and framework to prosper ahead..

These final closing scenes are very dear to me, whereas I went through the same emotional experience when was leaving my team at DIFC in 2007..
Those overwhelmingly moments; which were deeply engraved in my mind and heart..

Till date, and surely till the last day of my life, I shall remember each one of them..
each little detail.. each laugh, stress or smile..
I can't help it but mysteriously love them all..
No wonder, most of them don't understand why I keep tracking them, passionately calling, or meeting from time to another..
Sometime; I wish if time reverts back, and frozen stops..!!

Those Irreversible Times..!

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