Thursday, June 14, 2012

Egypt: 2nd Attempt..!

Today, the Egyptian Supreme Court had ruled the 2011 Assembly Elections, which had brought Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi affiliates to hold the majority of its seats is a constitutional fraud which requires reelection.. Accordingly, all laws and declarations made by the said Assembly is invalid..

This was not a surprise for me, as I had always commented on how many legal issues are pending to be used whenever time comes, to restore the State of Egypt.. There are many players in this game, who are collectively more smart, capable and resourceful than all Egyptian political fictions.. During the last 15 months, all political affiliations are stripped naked in Egypt, which was a critical step to draw the political future of the country.. Regretfully, many were immature to understand, or very dumb to think otherwise..!

What happened in Egypt was a long rehearsal..
Now they enter a 2nd attempt..!

In an earlier post (The Day After); I had confirmed how the Egyptian presidential election is never an Egyptian one.. It is a mirror for all Arabic and Middle Eastern political and frameworks.. It is the baptism for Arabs to enroll to the new World Order, or been ruled unfit..!

In further earlier one (The Electoral Silence); I had predicted a must 2nd round and a 10 years transitional period.. For me, as well for all sensible commentators, Egypt can’t be ruled without military blessings, while the long lived state culture, will required reasonable time to change..

The Egyptian Intelligentsia had seriously and destructively fallen in spiral conflicts, which had stripped all masks and illusions away for both PhD and Primary Education holders.. The mass media machine had consumed all senses and logics from both Elite and Commons, to create a unique unprecedented state of hallucination and hilariousness; topped with massive phenomenon of Fauxtography and Fictions.. I had tried my best to illustrate and pinpoint to the growing trend in my posts (Egypt: A Year On); (Tahrir-Blue Bra Girl); (Arabic Photoshop)..

During the last 50 years; the systematic pitfalls of Egyptian Intelligentsia, was contingent to the entire Arabic speaking communities with epistemic anarchy and unreasonable sentiments.. Egypt; with its demographic, geographic and historical magnitudes; had spearheaded and pioneered almost all intellectual fashions across the Arabic Speakers.. (Al Meydan); (Sociopolitical Autopsy); (Secular Salvation); (Maspero); (The Change Syndrome); (The Revolution); were calm intelligent discussions aimed to hi-light both foundations and circumstances of political change.. Regretfully, most “Arabic” readers are satisfied with reading rather than forum contributions..

I had tried to attract the readers to scientific methodologies of political analysis, to predict the timelines and chronicle results in Egypt.. in (Again: Egypt CPM); and (Scenarios for New Egypt: a CPM); implementations of critical path methods were elaborated, with no response, as well.. (Restructuring a New Government) was an early call for mindfulness to rule the public enthusiasm towards a safe banks of social order..

In the earlier posts on unrest activities in early 2011 (You may search Egypt in my blog); I was trying to predict the outcomes of uncontrolled protest and syndrome of political change.. I guess I had done my pit as an intellectual person..!

اليوم، قضت المحكمة العليا في مصر ببطلان انتخابات البرلمان في 2011 ، والتي مكنت جماعة الاخوان المسلمين والسلفيين للحصول على غالبية المقاعد ، وهو ما يتطلب اعادة الانتخابات .. وفقا لذلك ، فان جميع القوانين والتشريعات التي أقرتها الجمعية تعتبر قانوناً غير صالحة

هذا لم يكن مفاجأة بالنسبة لي ، حيث كنت دوماً أعلق بوجود العديد من المسائل القانونية المعلقة ، لكي يتم استخدامها عندما يحين الوقت ، لاستعادة كيان وهيبة الدولة من مصر .. هناك العديد من اللاعبين في هذه اللعبة ، والذين هم بشكل جماعي أكثر ذكاء ، ويتمتعون بالقدرة والحيلة من الفرق السياسية المصرية كافة .. خلال الـ 15 شهراً الماضية ، تم تجريد جميع الانتماءات السياسية في مصر من كل الأغطية والأقنعة ، حيث كان هذا خطوة حاسمة لرسم المستقبل السياسي للبلد .. للأسف ، كان العديدين دون الناضج الكافي للفهم ، أو أكثر غباءاً للتفكير

ما حدث في مصر كان بروفة طويلة

الآن ، يبدءون المحاولة الثانية

في وقت سابق ، كنت قد أكدت () كيف أن انتخابات الرئاسة المصرية ليست فقط مصرية .. بل هى مرآة للساحة العربية وكافة التيارات السياسية في الشرق الأوسط .. هي معمودية العرب للانخراط في النظام العالمي الجديد ، أو استبعادهم

في وقت سابق من مزيد () كنت قد توقعت حتمية جولة ثانية و عشر سنوات للفترة الانتقالية .. بالنسبة لي ، وكذلك لجميع المعلقين ذوي الادراك والفهم ، لا يمكن حكم مصر من دون التوافق مع المؤسسة العسكرية ، في حين ان طول عمر ثقافة الدولة تتطلب وقتاً معقولاً لتحقيق التغيير

على نحو جاد ومدمر ، سقط معظم المثقفين المصريين في دوامة الصراعات السياسية ، التي كانت قد جردت بالفعل كل الأقنعة والأوهام الفلسفية من كل أصحاب الشهادات العليا والابتدائية .. لقد استهلكت أجهزة ووسائل الإعلام كافة الحواس المنطقية من النخبة والعوام على حد سواء ، لقد تخلقت حالة فريدة من نوعها لم يسبق لها مثيل من الهلوسة والجذل والروايات وكنت قد حاولت جهدي لتوضيح وتحديد الاتجاه في مقالاتي () ، () ، ()

خلال السنوات الخمسون الماضية ، كانت هناك مطبات منهجية للمثقفين المصريين ، والتي انتشرت كعدوى بين المجتمعات الناطقة بالعربية مع كثير من الفوضى المعرفية والمشاعر الغير معقولة .. مصر ، بحجم الديموغرافية والجغرافية والتاريخ ؛ كانت دوماً رأس الحربة ورائدة معظم النزعات والموضات الفكرية العربية .. () ، () ، () ، () ، () ، () ، كانت مناقشات هادئة ذكية تهدف إلى تأسيس جدلية بين الحقائق وظروف التغيير السياسي .. للأسف ، معظم قراء العربية يفضلون القراءة بدلاً من المساهمات النقدية

كنت قد حاولت جذب القراء الى المنهجيات العلمية للتحليل السياسي ، للتنبؤ بالجداول الزمنية ونتائج الوقائع في مصر .. في () ، () قد وضعت تطبيقات طرق المسار الحرج ، مع عدم وجود استجابة .. وكذلك () كانت دعوة مبكرة لتنبيه الأذهان تجاه تأمين النظام الاجتماعي

عندما تأججت الأنشطة والاضطرابات في أوائل عام 2011 (ويمكنك البحث عن مصر في هذه المدونة) ، كنت أحاول توقع نتائج الاحتجاج غير المنضبط ومتلازمة التغيير السياسي

هكذا كانت مشاركتي كمثقف


  1. This was a great lesson to be learned, for all who mistakenly believed that National Politics is open for the immature, Executive Expression is granted for the literates, and Public Gains are available for noisy ones..
    I hope people either to shut up, or to shut up..!

  2. A Decade Timeline:
    2005, Generation X Took Over
    2006, Modern Arabian Exodus
    2007, Arabic Mass Connectivity
    2008, Aiming unrealistically High
    2009, Collapse of wellbeing Dreams
    2010, Mosques are exceptionally Full
    2011, Arabs demanded Political Change
    2011, MB took over the Public Scene
    2012, Commons got Confused & Frustrated
    2013, Pan Arab Cultural Confrontations
    2014, End of Political-Islamists
    2015, Generation Y, or Millenniums, in Actions

    End of Sensible Times..!

  3. During the last 50 years, since the famous execution of Sayed Qutb, the legendary leader of MB, the fiction had took its time to change their strategic and tactical activities to avoid any destructive replicas.. Therefore, it became a Pan Arab fiction, an International cult, and an Octopus organization.. Their aim on holding the political powers, justified by Islamic slogans, had never fade, but became more smart, scientific and technological..
    Since early 1980th, MB started to work among students, rural and low-income patterns.. Charitable techniques were marvelously utilized along with slow learning curve and training for their affiliates..
    By 2000, MB became unspoken powers, which were only worries for security planners rather than the political ones..
    By 2010, MB became uncontrolled powers across the Arabic speakers, with voting aggregates of more than 30%.. They gain seats over the harsh and foxy attacks on secular and rival opponents..
    Egypt, with demographic and geographic positions, is the mirror of MB story, which many failed to read.. or write..!

  4. The complex evolution of Arabic Epistemia since Ottoman role, makes it hard for any analysis to figure out the actual derivatives and thresholds of any sociopolitical events..
    Political Islam had brought further interest to this fertile and resourceful region, whereas migrations had formed its mosaics and aggregates.. What none Arab commentators had observed, was the sever stats of change, alliance and atrocities as well..
    The Islamic “Blanket” had provided justifications, camouflages and protection for many players, including the non-Muslims.. As how the bright Mamluk times had elevated urbanism, styles and themes, the dark Ottoman ones had taught political players the necessary tactics to rule, control and monopoly..
    Today, people, including their educated elite are caught between imitating the universal theme of governance and the local culture of autocracy..
    Who had both dreams and agency to advocate for universal codes, were similarly shocked as who resiliently hold the historical legacies.. Both require lengthy learning and upgrading initiative, in times of hit-n-run..!!

  5. It is not required, nor expected that the majority of the public will be knowledgeable on politics, government and national interests.. This is a role of thumb across the world, whereas 70% are politically ignorant, 13% are politically active, and 2% are politically visionaries.. (Another 13% are inactive and 2% are criminals..) Such numbers are proven scientifically and applied wherever the human beings settle..

    Huntington and others had made unprecedented echoes when they expressed the unspoken realities on epistemic maturity, intellectual processing and emotional intelligence.. “Avoiding the Boring People” was another shocking genetic research that was quickly suppressed..
    Whether we are descendents of Apes or Adam; it became political rather than scientific..

    Mankind is never equal, in terms of urbanism, technology and politics.. We may share foundations of ethics, interests and needs, yet our interpretations and ways to satisfy the demand vary and hilariously provoking..
    These statements are inevitable to address the great noises echo in Egypt and across the Arab world.. The 70% are in desperate search for basics that any “Dumb Politician” can work on.. (Maslow will be shocked on how his Pyramid is denied for sociopolitics..) The 13% are confused between fogy Western Democracies and rooted Oriental Favoritism.. (Strategists are shocked by the magnitude of collective epistemic sabotage..) The 2% are mostly stripped naked from their honorable claims of distinct or basic knowledge, or they are sick of the unworthy contributions.. (When ignorance has louder voices, Wisdom has none..)

    Civilization mach was never easy nor swift.. It took lots of efforts and time to establish both foundations and way forward.. It is not significant what luggage people carry, but which they use.. History, Religion, Philosophy, Science, Technology, and Chronicles are simply and widely abused..

    Arabs & Egypt 2012; is worth watching rather than any engaging..!