Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Finger Sign..

Across the universe, the above photo was shared as an inspirational act by an authentic anti-Amedinagad young-woman protester..
Certainly, it is too good to be true, in a police state, whereas brutal crackdown of any form of protest was notoriously known.. The first impression I had had; was about how this girl was tortured, raped or killed by the famous Basij agents..
The least was her run-over by the driver, with no hesitation..

Then I had to search further
There was no trace of the incident in global media, no comment on such bravery, no campaign to back this most-likely-ill-fated one..
Simply; it was photoshopped..!

No doubt, on how it is inspirational among her generation and natives, to bring the lawful change and restore both civilization and justice in one of the oldest states in the world..

But how we may view that flood of "Fauxtography"..?
Does "Falseness" in anyway justified..?
Is there any probability to build a stable epistemic order on ruins of false inspirations and motivations..?

Should the technology-savvy "Generation-X" be more ethical and philosophical in addressing the public issues, despite how immoralities are justifiably spreading among them..?
Their proud Success is a shame on our Civilization..

Among 2012 Arab, all referrals, principles and bases are destroyed or dangerously cracked by the massive "Photoshopped" campaigns.. All rivals are massively and crazily; utilizing this popular technology to gain support, or mainly to disgrace the opponents, with no second thought on the implications on public fashions and trends..
Opinion Leaders are further proven inefficient; while consuming the cheap smiles and laughs on fake images and deformed illustrations..

It is the Global Fall of Epistemia..

This was the true story

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