Thursday, June 7, 2012

Gaza 2012..

With my respect to all advocates for the Gaza issues, I believe there are lots of Palestinian beneficiaries from the situation.. Supporting Gaza includes in-a-way supporting Hamas, which is the Gazan branch of Global Muslim Brotherhood.. Two years ago, they had slaughtered their own citizens who called for an Islamic Fundamentalist Principality in southern Gaza.. Hamas had killed all the rivals.. without a trial or a blinking eye..!!

There is a great monopoly running since 1970th, which had developed despite the Palestinian uprisings and Israeli suppressions, to evolve a syndrome rather than a solution.. Despite who are the authors, there is a great difference in materials in sale to the non-Arabs, from the one sold to the Arabs.. This is the legacy which Arafat had established..

Coming back to the atrocities and peoples’ suffering.. There are many observations and analysis, however, the certain one is about half a million who are truly unemployed, resource-less, supported by ENROWA, and live in the Camps (which is concrete built suburban of cities) in Gaza and West Bank

Palestine Quest is a great and unlikely the one to settle on any day..!

Once, we had relied on the educated people to lead and help the commons to reach acceptable consensus in this sociopolitical anarchy.. Unfortunately, those elite are declining fast, either been unauthentic in their epistemic endeavors, or been stripped from any noble goals in favor of their own personal gains..

So, who would lead the herds that are getting hot, nervous and anxious across the globe..?
If we don't blame the enlightened ones, who should we..?
They are the brains of Mankind, who should lead the path towards the Utopias.. if any..!

Societies and Commons (Tax Pairs & Life Pairs) accepted to sponsor the skillful ones, some way or another.. Entrusting them to draw or find the path.. Otherwise, what in the hell's name we are doing..?

No one, then, the Islamic prophecies on the predicted chaos at the “End-of-Time” is further sensible..!!

I'm getting sick of awful politics, greedy politicians and sleeping citizens..!!

Seriously looking for a sanctuary..!!

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