Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A PhD Holder..

This why it is undoubtedly meaningful not call PhD holders: Doctors, and who would seek or insist for, is considered unreliable..!
Worldwide, except among Arabs, Africans and Western Asians; the academic degree is not socially active nor mentioned.. Remarkable persons are appreciated for their contribution for the public and common good, whereas most are only a Diploma holders..
I believe the trend to honor the PhD holders came from the famous Egyptian academic expeditions to Western Europe in 1880th.. Returnees were celebrated, and were also eager to influence the public by their catches of urbanism and political development.. Their only way, within the flood of Ottoman Decorations, was to appreciate their degrees to be ear-catching.. Their syndicate had developed the concept, which slowly spread all over.. to become a public phenomenon..
Since 1970th, it became a social decoration and an employment path rather than an epistemic excellence or advances..
This is why both academia and professionalism had severely deteriorated.. The phenomenon is more observed in Egypt, with more than 30 universities and more than 3000 PhD holders are decorated every year, while all socioeconomic and political foundations are collapsing more than anywhere else..!
During the times of Kufi Anan, United Nations became the favorite employer for PhD holders, which had not only disturbed HR processing and cost of operations, but also had created a massive rush for serious, cheap or fake degrees to be obtained.. This is while the serious academic institutes had suffered contracted funds and elevated tuition fees..
Thankfully, public and private donations had enabled preserving the seriousness of the research work..
Thankfully that Ban Ki Mon had dramatically changed the processing, and focused on professional degrees among all UN community, which would inspire the world..
Regretfully, PhD became a degree that does not worth its own Plaque..!

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