Monday, June 4, 2012

SLM Minnawi

Been welcomed in the Oval Office is not a coincidence nor a courtesy..!!

Personally, I do not trust Minni Minnawi; who had managed to politicalize relations among all rivals in Darfur, taking the case from a simple social deformation into wider political one..
After milking Inqaz, and having a truce to build up his forces (as seen in the video) he defected to the South then back to Darfur..
His charismatic and skillful politics would question the role he is backed up for.. SLM (Minnawi) as a strong 10,000 rebellions, with good military order and commanding chain.. Such preparedness environment and funds requires lot to invest..
They are an army in the making..
Where are they from AfroCom..?

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