Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sudan Revolts..

Despite how many Sudanese people value themselves as more intellectual than their Egyptian neighbors, the chronicles prove how trends and phenomenon are created in Egypt, then migrate over time to Sudan.. It is very much like our mutual border trade, which comes in special currency value named the compensation for the High Dam damages, which many Sudanese call to open that file, while all Government were embarrassed to publicly admit that Sudan is already compensated..!

Since 1850th, Egypt had build and supported schools and one university, which in total enrollment represent 15% of our trinity education and 20% of the higher one.. AlBasheer Government had taken over the Egyptian institutions in dramatic and disgraceful manner.. Yet, the public had cheered the move.. Now, Egypt moves its education support and facilities towards South Sudan..

Egypt is the 1st trade partner for Sudan, with almost $175 million worth of exchange, in addition to informal border trading, smuggling and unpublished deals.. Egypt had already established an investment portfolio of $ one billion with South Sudan; which will certainly readdress the Jongli Canal project to generate more Nile waters, providing Egypt with more 8 million cm..

There are about 5 million Sudanese residents in Egypt, in a status neither refugee nor residence, benefiting from the Egyptian Patriarch policy towards Sudan.. More than 7 million Sudanese have ancestors, kinship's and relatives in Egypt.. Despite both countries were formally a political unit, exiling the Sudanese Revolts to Egypt had continued in bizarre contradicting sovereignty..

These unpopular facts had jumped into my mind when I wanted to comment on the fierce protests, violence and unrest in Sudan’s streets for the last five days.. We are just imitating the Egyptian happenings, on both government and opponents’ sides..!!

The only critical difference, which would defuse the whole enthusiastic revolt, is the nature of the government.. Since the Muslim Brotherhood had acquired Sudan in their enterprise since 1985, tactics of opponent political fictions did not change, nor realized how outdated they became.. Spearheading by students and pupils will not kneel down the government, but will sharpen and intensifying its crack down on protesters.. This is already happening..

Governments are swift learners when it comes to maintain law and order.. Worldwide, cooperation among security agencies has nothing to do with political competition or standoff.. Sudanese political Parties did not only proven barren to deliver leadership, but also false in structuring their own views and implementations.. This is the greatest betrayal  to the Sudanese Public, as ignoring growing leadership is far fatal to the public future and wellbeing than any atrocities..

Same; media propaganda, widespread facebook campaigns, extra-hot tweets among the youngsters, cursing and naming names, exaggerations of cyber news, stripping security personnel from citizenship, questioning loyalty of armed forces, hilarious debates of disqualified, everyone is a noisy commander, etc., are just few of the daily routines of Egypt..
All the noise significantly contradicts the visual documentations coming from a country of 32 million..!

Heating up the peoples' sentiments will develop nothing but a swift depression if no leader stands out to guide, units and cheers the commons..
So far no martyrs, or serious causalities..
So far, 70% of Revolution Indicators are still idle..!!

Again, we imitate the Egyptian chaos.. denouncing a regime without having any appropriate substitute in a world with no vacancy for the unfit..


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