Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Failed State is better than No-State..!

A Controversy: A Failed State is better than No-State..!

Despite my firm epistemic denounce of both pragmatic regime and immature opponents, I choose the common’s stand: The known devil (regime) is better than a naive angel (revolt).. In addition; there are no angels in politics..!

Revolution always satisfies the middle class and above.. while threaten both governors and commons.. When HDI declines, statesmanship decays and anarchy hides, only chaos is inevitable.. Exhausted commons worth more than selfish outspoken elites, more than motivated noisy protests, more than exaggerated useless martyrdom.. They simply demand sustainability.. Regardless how poor, limited or ill-fated.. People revolt when life is threatened, not when dreams are..!

At IDP camps, people are happier than who advocate on their behalf.. The same faces and smiles are unchanged for 3 decades.. Did anyone ask why? Did the commons in South choose partition? Did the commons in Darfur demand wealth shares?

Despite how harsh their lives are, they are ready to continue rather than walkout.. Since independence, any revolt was a back wording step.. The further failed protests are, the more harsh security will be.. The 2000 detained females will develop into worse scenarios, celebrated by colorful comrades..

Cheerleaders..Oops; Political Leaders import and excessively slogans of MB who already rules the country.. What a chaotic unprecedented misconduct..!!

Such small facts should not pass unnoticed.. This is not to put off the cause, but to make it mature.. and sustainable..

My facebook "cookies" had started with:”A Controversy..” An early realization of how thoughts and reactions will vary.. This is fair enough for any intellectual launch or debate course, which was well received and maintained in the responses..

The base point was not on what’s going on, but what was the advocacy and who were advocated.. Reaching at this kick start requires practical understanding of commons psychology and envisioning their simple manifest.. This is the continuous legacy of both democracy and public governance..

Using the terms of Devil and Angels were extracted from our folklore; which is indispensible tools to draw national characteristics and cultural framework. It was an attempt to import nothing but logic, emphasis nothing but broader expectations and value nothing but core values.. It was an attempt to change course from crippled enthusiastic activities in a time of evolution..

Pointing to the IDP faces and smile was reference to my personal service among them, pointing to HDI was a reference to academic intake on bilateral correlated influences and reactions.. Pointing to MB is far serious on organizational maturity of political activism.. The three points would justify why the Commons had stayed at home..? Why the Commons had lost faith in political activists..? These questions are far deeper and authentic than any journalistic clichés..

Referring back to sustainability, was an attempt to clearing the minds from the boiling enthusiasm in order to set workable logic for a successful new manifest..

Both my facebook page and contact list are proudly mature literates, who are impliedly entrusted for a trustworthy future..

Inevitably, we need everyone.. who think, who shout and who make mistakes..
“C'est la vie”

Apology for abbreviations:
HDI: Human Development Index
IDP: Internal Displaced People
MB: Muslim Brotherhood


  1. Shaza Zahran:
    Mmmmm let me think About that one !!!!

  2. Suzan Papadelis:
    A devil can never be better than an angel, but ur point of view is clear

  3. Shaza Zahran:
    Respect to your take!!! but i don't know why the issue is over simplified into angles and devils? neither nor has a clear cut definition in world of politics. There is no moral justification in giving up to bullies simply because there are the devil we know( matter of familiarity). And sometimes you have to go to go up. Sudanese people have been to hell under this regime and there no sense in putting up with it because the alternative may be no state . There no state now any way by all sensible measures.

  4. Shaza Zahran:
    People At IDP camps smile because the camp is heaven compared to what the horror they undergone. The after shock. Secondly the don't know better. And people who advocate for them are sad or miserables because there are aware of dark reality of the people they serving.
    I am for revolt. I am or change , and I don't base my decisions out of fear. Fear is a lair.

  5. Shaza Zahran:
    Utaz Adil, I am aware of your (cookies)!!! and understood your call for intellectual exchange. The use of devil vs. angle is generously used by supporters of the regime to deter the their opponents, that replacing this regime will lead the country into state of chaos and disorder. Reality is, in many parts of the country chaose and disorder rule.
    the Regime based its ideology on the shock doctine
    As described by: Naomi Klein: see

  6. Moonfleet Eldai:
    We pretty much draw from our past experience and exposure as we leap into formulating our stance with regard to any issue and thus we as well dictate the discourse our future may take.

    I am sure you have done just that, you used sense to read the situation. But speaking in terms of national performance, GDP, epidemiology data, illiteracy rates, and even the HDI and IDP metrics and you won't fail to see that pretty much our country has been progressing backwards down a steep slope. Steadily becoming a failed state.

    This very much devil is to be held accountable and so are the rest of the pack of dummy opposition. They tied the destiny of the country to their own destiny and unless we strive to disengage those apart we would be merely rendered to meek bystanders watching the ensuing inferno tearing at all that we call home, all that we call culture, all that we call us (whatever remains of all of those).

    10 years ago, I blurted a statement, that they gotta sell Sudan and give each one of us their share and ask us to disseminate. I said that out of misery and the ones who were present accused me of all things unpatriotic, that I am a foreign risen and I had no clues, traditional blame evasion tactics. But today, I see that the country has been sold, sold to the devil, soul and plot by many who were entrusted to keep its sanctity intact and I'd rather not stick on the devil's side even were that to burn the entire place down including myself .. At least something decent that remains and which is capable of holding us all together will prove enough.

  7. Thanks Guys for the comments..
    Certainly; I became older enough to instate venues at their appropriate volume and true value. Certainly; being abroad enables me clearer vision and much fair assessment of what’s going on, without excessive enthusiasm or wishful expectations.. In addition, geographic and political borders had diminished since the fall of Berlin walls, stamping any closed-national views with anticipated failure and handicapped growth..

    Yes.. Progress is never an isolated endeavor, proven between Tunisia and Egypt or Lebanon and Syria.. The dialogue between local and expat nationalists is important to upgrade the revolutionary theme to be progressive rather than destructive.. The local tendency to exaggerate the daily confrontation; elevating them into conceptual foreground; is far dangerous than any Gov-monopolies.. Simply; they endorse the protest to decline, by non-renewable energy, failed leadership and exhausted commons..

    As protest became a digestive exercise in Ramadhan.. As all voices are seized in unknown ghost houses.. As human weakness is enabled to rule, while females are targeted.. As floods of counter tactics are in Gov-actions; with aid from Global Governing Aliens..!!
    The subject can’t be reduced to Devils and Angels, but to Politicians and Statesmen.. All activists are acting without leadership; a preface for No-State.. There is no reasonable advocacy for change without leadership, except ours..!

    Resultant: Commons are lift distressed alone, after their wishful savors had been detained, prosecuted and who knows.. In contrary to the false quote: Commons have short memories..! The missing point: Commons follow the Chevaliers to capture the dreams, not to lose them..!

    In Sudan, we master the political fictions, not the realities.. The on-board Generation Y, doesn’t recall October or April, but the wishful demands echoed in Suburban of Paris, Downtown of Vancouver, Slums of Rio, and Tahrir Square..! with all pros and cons..!!

    The entire Sudanese political mindset has to change.. in order to sustain and survive..

  8. Moonfleet Eldai:
    How can this mindset change if it doesn't know better given that it has been tactically isolated from mainstream sources to draw innovation from. I see these demos clearly lacking a leadership around which to unite but I also see that it wi...ll get to organize itself, catching in with the dynamics, at the end, the willingness to change should come from the awareness of lacking essential rights to live and standing with oneself on whether or not they want to live that way ...

  9. It is a fair question, but unfair answer.. Leadership can't be automatically grow or created.. it is a compiled efforts by the true intelligentsia to enable such birth and growth.. In addition, Commons are not customized to develop leaders, but to follow them.. Bottom line: I do condemn all political activists who deliberately or naively discourage new leaders to stand out and stand up..
    I think what Anwar Dafa-Alla is doing is typically intellectual.. an academic flowchart to reenergize the dead Sudanese political landscape, capturing enthusiastic Generation Y, abounding useless and talkative oldies and presenting new political frontiers of the 21st century..

  10. Scott Terry:
    Great leaders and great governments do not control others. They don't need to. Rather, they inspire and empower others to achieve their innate potential for greatness and goodness. They free people rather than enslave them.

    Naomi Klein a kook. Her manufactured contempt is because she despises free people and free enterprise. Her model of freedom is socialism. And socialism is nothing more than government enslavement disguised as an unachievable utopian promise with a pretty bow put on it.

  11. Scott Terry, I totally agree on the 1st paragraph.. However, I didn't read or follow N. Klein, to comment on her theme.. Anyways, many of the 3rd world would accept such argument associating freedom with socialism.. If leaders and Governments are successful and up to the mission, people will be emancipated from social and economic stresses; which would produce a wider platform for political visions and applications.. Regretfully, in our part of the world, issues are totally distressful and disappointing..

  12. Moonfleet Eldai:
    And Anwar is being focused and engaged, his mission echos your statements. He seeks to empower through providing educational opportunities, and such a noble cause that is. If only those sick oldies accept that the dogma of "old is wise" doesn't apply to them anymore.

  13. Literally; I'm one of the Oldies..
    The merit is not the mission, but the concept of introducing new frontiers of political practice..
    Eventually; Sudan has long way to go..!!
    Replacing the MB regime is one (controlled by international games), Upgrading the mindset is another (subject to balance between Oldies and G-Y) and setting proper vision for life and living is a thrid (stop reading and dreaming)..

  14. Moonfleet Eldai:
    I was talking of the oldies at leadership of these political parties. But I am sure that any one outside of those political parties will be someone that 'old is wise' totally applies to. These wise 'oldies' are the ones we need for our guidance, for our encouragement and for the connect to continue across generations.