Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abyie.. Again..!

The historical issue of Abyie is either Political or Epistemic..

For centuries, Misseriya and Dinka Ngok are clashing during the dry season, with no lasting hard feelings..
Yes, it is always triggered by Misseriya; who travel south in dry season to water their herds..
Both are herdsmen, who value their cattle and would die for them..

The jam among the herds are inevitable, yet they have no marks or labels..
Misseriya’s journey is about 100 km within Ngok territories..
There are no alternative, but to jam and clash..

This was the historical repeated story, with lots of consequences..

Oil reserves has nothing to do with this annual clashes..
Oil is almost 100 km away from the hot spots..
But explorations are spreading all over the county..

Politicians from both sides are using the history to ignite the future..
There is no one interested developing a lasting solution..
There is no one with a vision to realize that it is a simple conflict requires simple solution..

The Misseriya are interested in the Water, not in the Land..!

Dig a “Water Canal” (150 km), and “Mark the Cattle”..
Add to it some flavors of “Community Centers” and "Farming" projects..
The Canal will be the “Partition” border..
Only "US$ 200 mln" will do..!!

Yes, there will be environmental impact, but manageable..

Is it that hard to imagine or hard to finance..?

It is an epistemic issue..

The Conflict

The Solution


  1. Mohamed Ayoub Fadlallah
    اعجبتنى الفكرة وشاء القدر ان التقى بأحد ابناء المسيرية فى مناسبة حزينة ورغم ذلك طرحت عليه فكرتك ، الا ان رده جاء بسيطا وهادئا بان الرحلة الى مناطق الكلأ والماء فى حد ذاتها تبدو جزءا من طبيعة حياتهم يصعب التخلى عنها ، وتوظيف التأريخ يبدو الا...قوى حضورا ، الفكرة تبدو رائعة ولكن تنفيذها على الارض فى تقديرى يحتاج الى مشروع كبير يعمل على تهيئة الانسان فى الجانبين ، واقناعه بجدوى الفكرة وما يمكن ان تقود اليه من تحوّل له

  2. Is the blockage a mindset, an illiteracy or incompetence..?
    Have they ever watch the "Western Movies"..?
    Or the Political Agendas are bigger then the folks themselves..!!

  3. Thanks for your kind words..
    However, all major historical and social changes came by reasonable and forcible proposals, not by public acceptance and comfort..
    It is the political will of the leaders rather than cutting 60km from the seasonal the 600km journey..
    As Engineer; I know it is doable, as Developer; I know the socioeconomic impacts, and as a human; I can smell peace and potentials within..!!

  4. Mohamed Ayoub Fadlallah
    لا اشك فى جدوى الفكرة واتمنى ان تحظى بأهتمام نخب الجانبين كطرح عقلانى متحرر من اطر المشكلة القديمة التى تمترس بها الجانبان رغم منتوجها العنيف الذى يطالعنا حينا بعد حين