Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cost of Technology

How such amazing technology will be affordable for mainstream?
or it will be limited for the elite and the tec-savvy..?

Yes, 40 years ago it was Main-frame, then PCs then Laptops, then Tablets..
40 years ago, it was serious investment by governments and corporates..
Now, it is available at$2-3 per hours at Internet Cafe.. or $300-600 per machine..
However, the marvelous $100 Laptop was great innovative idea, despite the 4 billion people are living with less than $3 per day..

There is a moral discussion on Cost of Technology, and who are the Buyers..
Despite how sincere and enthusiastic are our ICT-Friends, money talks.. and works too..
Unless the mainstream are connected, it is an elite cast..
Biscuits; not Bread..!!

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