Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Olympic Politics

This is the Sociopolitics in implementation:
Generation (Y) denounces the political borders (parameters).. It is a humane (individual) achievement rather than an old-fashioned patriotic one..!!
Rules changed..
  Mohd Fudzail Mohd Nor wrote: It’s taken six days for the Olympics to come alive for Singapore. Instead of uniting a nation as sports often does, Feng Tianwei’s bronze medal win has done the exact opposite.
Singapore’s first individual medal in 52 years has divided the nation and re-ignited the vicious, ugly debate surrounding imported foreign talent. In fact, it’s brought it into ever-sharper focus.

The most replied comment to her win on Yahoo! is “No matter how successful in whatever Games Singapore has won is useless. I am sorry to say this. It is not won by a true Singaporeans. No ill feelings to the participants. It is just that you are not a true Singaporean.”
Among the over 200 comments on Yahoo! Singapore’s Facebook wall that poured in immediately after her win on Wednesday, Elle Toh writes, “Honestly, I cannot bring myself to feel proud for a foreigner to win a medal for us, although they carry our Singapore flag. But I thank Feng Tianwei nonetheless for putting our name on the chart.“

The questions, whether out loud or in thoughts, being asked now in coffeeshops and homes across Singapore now is:
1) Will Feng stay in Singapore for good?
2) Did she come here for the money?
And people’s concerns are justified; there have been painful, bitter lessons in recent Singapore sports history.
Footballer Egmar Goncalves, table-tennis' Zhang Xueling, shot putter Dong Enxin and badminton’s Xiao Luxi are just some who were given the red Singapore passport only to ditch it when they made their riches and conveniently no longer had the need for one.

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