Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reengineering The Sudan

Apology for writing in English, yet recommend it for a broader engagement.. Without cross border/cultures exchange of ideas, your ideology is subject to serious quest on efficiency, integrity, and sustainability..

However, there is a need to re-engineer the mainstream, structuring simple form of organization (similar to MB); encouraging delivery rather than debate (NGO approach) and been open to all (reduce talks to deeds).. Call it Sudan Club.. or Nile League.. or whatsoever.. Just engage everyone in a greater pot of self development, evolution and upgrading.. Then, the big change will happen..

Enough wasting our youth in useless battles and chevalier attempts.. Work in different manner.. Bring change to society.. People will follow who works, not who speaks.. or shout.. People will adore who teach them how to be stronger, not how to protest.. People are simply people, not soldiers in chess game..!!

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