Sunday, September 23, 2012

LGBT Color Code

LGBT Rights Groups should be free to advocate for their cause, not to turn their activity into lobbies and enterprising groups who invade every “colorful” detail in our world..
They had already consolidated their efforts with politicians, financiers and businessmen to legitimize their cause, emotionally and factually..
Yes, it is a smart strategy to make the world their own in few decades, but similarly, they should allow for the other to breathe..!!


Her World..

Purify your eyes, and see the pure world..
Your life will fill with radiant forms..
~ Rumi..

In her limited horizon and world: Poverty, Sickness and Illiteracy are norms..
A world without Electricity, Paved roads or Newspapers..
In her world; it is not: how Water is clean, how School is far or how Dwelling is plastered..
Her world is so different for us to understand or taste..
This is the trap of both Intelligentsia and NGOs..!!
We need to change our perspectives and visions..
The little she'd have, is richness than others..
Sometimes, I envy those who can to purely smile than us..!

The Sociopolitical Paradox:
Our proud cities are only big villages; not urban centers by any definition..
Our high-earner citizens compete with high street brands..
Our Homeless children are healthier than all others..
They dare to smile more, and have more fun, despite police raids and brutality..
Our rural people are more contented despite the little they have..
They are never desperate for power, internet or fashion..
They have their own world as well..!!!

The CSR Paradox:
We draw a Bucket List and rammed all the unprivileged inside..
We did not audit their true wishes, but dictated their slogans..
We believe we know better, therefore we did not need to listen..
We wonder when they don’t cheer our colorful commodities..
We get angry when they mishandle our costly hi-tech supplies..
We condemn their ignorance when we failed to lead..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Human Sexuality and Religious Norms

Regretfully, very few, or none, Muslim writings of the Sex topic.. Muslims, driven not only by Scriptures, but with traditional Arabic moralities as well, had shied away from speaking out in comfortable details about the subject.. Muslim Sufis, in their own confusing terms, had linked the term to divine wisdom or sacred secret..

However, I believe that our Humane Civilization is losing without the Muslim contributions, which would add lots of energetic concepts for the common understanding.. and goodness..

  Sacred Sex? Social progressives may hold out hope that religious conservatives will one day appreciate sex as something good outside the hard and fast rules of their religion.
This article originally appeared on The League of Ordinary Gentlemen / by Kyle Cupp.

Decades after the sexual revolution, many religious conservatives remain fiercely committed to preaching, if not always living, an absolute and absolutist understanding of human sexuality. Mainstream biologists, psychologists and sociologists, building on the science of evolution and other modern advancements of understanding, have helped redefine the meaning of normal when it comes to sex, moving mountains so to speak, and yet these religious conservative retain a rule-heavy belief about who should and shouldn’t be having sex and how sex ought always to be done by those morally permitted to get down to business. In word, if not always in every deed, they morally reject sex before marriage, entertaining lustful thoughts, masturbation, fornication, cohabitation, homosexuality, and pornography. They stand athwart the new normal yelling “Sin!”

Social progressives may hold out hope that these religious conservatives will one day appreciate sex as something good outside the hard and fast rules of their religion. I think this change unlikely because it would take a fundamental paradigm shift. Conservative Christians, for example, view human sexuality principally as a sacred reality. In a number of moral theologies, God designed human sexuality for the purpose of procreation, and commanded all human beings, from Adam and Eve onward, to be fruitful and multiply, engaging in sex strictly in accordance with the order of the divine plan. St. Thomas Aquinas argued this philosophically, concluding that every emission of semen, ordered in such a way that generation cannot follow, is contrary to the good and nature of man, and if done deliberately, a sin. Every sexual act must, in principle, follow a form that is open to life, whether or not the couple’s union is fertile, infertile, or sterile. To engage in sex in any way contrary to the good, human nature, and God’s design makes the person or persons involved arbiters of God’s plan, manipulators of something holy, grave sinners. They are not to take control of their sexuality, but control their appetites and behaviors in keeping with a strict religious meaning of sexuality to which is owed devotion and obedience. The giver of the gift of sex makes the rules, and they must follow these norms.

It should be noted that some religious conservatives will, in addition to approaching the reality of human sexuality from a theological position, also strive to understand its meaning from the standpoints of science, philosophy, and culture. They may accept that human sexuality is the result of millions of years of evolution, but—and this is key—they will interpret this evolutionary meaning in light of their religious doctrine. Where evolution may suggest a fluid meaning to sexuality, this meaning will be understood within the framework of the God-given morally-absolute meaning. All inquiry here will begin and end within the religious sphere, even if detours are taken into the sciences.

So long as these religious conservatives begin their understanding of human sexuality on the premises of revelation, they’ll not change on the basics. To make such change would indicate that the meanings of sex and of revelation are not truly fixed. What we might see in time is some of these religious conservatives changing the starting point of their approach to sex and sexual norms from religious premises to secular ones, beginning, for example, without the assumption that human sexuality has an immutable divinely-given meaning, but rather a fluid evolutionary one. Were this road to be taken, while religion retained, the statements in revelation pertaining to sex would have to be reinterpreted so as to be taken less literally. The theologies of God’s providence over human procreation would need to be rethought. In this context, a sexual revolution would necessitate a religious revolution. We’re unlikely to witness such a sweeping change, especially given the position of religious conservatives, who stand not passively against the waves of secularism, but seek actively to turn the tide and win converts to their cause.

Kyle Cupp is a freelance writer who blogs about culture, philosophy, politics, postmodernism, and religion. He is a contributor to the group Catholic blog Vox Nova. Kyle lives with his wife, son, and daughter in North Texas. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank You My Visitors..

9000 visits per Month, and counting..!
Thank you my valuable Visitors..

This attests how I managed to cross borders of Language, Culture and Religion..
In these trouble times of Enterprised Politics, Confused Identities and the unpredictable yet fast growing Millennials

It is deliberately in English media.. not as a universal tools of expression and exchange, but as through, local epistemia are challenged..!!

This is a Commitment rather than an Appreciation..
To sustain it as fair uncolored unpolluted Humane interface..
A window for cultural exchange and conceive..
An endless search for the Truth of Universe and Mankind..

A Glimpse on How Magnificent We Are..

Be Blessed..


Genetically, Arabs form less than 15% of my bio, while been Arabized by upbringing, surrounding, tongue and sociality..
My long time friend Mustafa Shuaib had raise a question on the decay, a linguistic or a man-made..?

Not only Arabic is written from right, but Hebrew too.. Japanese is written from up downwards.. Therefore, technicalities of writing is not the obstacle nor the cause of linguistic survival.. Arabic is preserved by inhumane element: Islam.. Arabs could not preserve any of the ancient tongues of their ancestors, nor factually and controversially influenced the depth of global epistemia..

Civilization is not a mortal activity, therefore; if happens, people need to reconsider both definition and history.. Certainly Arabs are not a vocal phenomenon, but an active one.. Not necessarily a positive one all the time.. But a one that humanity will indefinitely remember

In today' world, you cannot progress in isolation.. The true urbanism is bred from global conceive of referrals, convections and creativity.. Arabic Spring dies as been epistemically isolated, unexamined and unchallenged; otherwise Arabs will not vote for Muslim Brotherhood..!!

During the last 50 years, our bridges were aggressively cut by ridiculous patriotism, while our cords were increasingly stretched everywhere.. As a matter of fact, it was cut by ashamed nervous reaction of people and leaders with inability to communicate.. We print lots of papers, while people read only 5% of them (Sport & Society).. As Toqqan said 60 years ago: Arab master in the resource-waste..!!

Eventually, not all the people can breed civilizations; as Civilizations should not epistemically clash.. But people do.. So how it comes that Arabic Civilization clashes with the others..?

Most of Medieval Arabic intellectuals were not pure Arabs.. They had been born and raised by non Arab, yet Muslim women.. Does anyone have the courage to investigate or publish..?

Think about it..!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Healthcare System

Outside ER/OP Entrance; Khartoum Public Hospital

This post had originally appeared in "500 Words Magazine";

I’m not Physician, but an Architect.. I’m not only an Unlisted Politician, but an Urban Manager.. My early touch with Healthcare was in my graduation, proposing a Public Hospital; which had earned A+.. My professional touch was the contribution to Dubai Healthcare City.. My personal memoir was losing my Granni by flu followed by stroke at Khartoum Hospital.. Because my spouse was an Anesthetist, I can claim to be Half-Physician..!!

To start with, we should admit having no Healthcare System in Sudan.. We only have a group of sincere professionals; who daily fight the odds to save the lives and reduce the pain.. Yet, Healthcare is not about sincere efforts or wishes, but coherent structures of soft, hard, logistic, managerial and financial services.. In 1970th WHO had appreciated a Sudanese Program for providing basic and early interventions for all Sudanese, allover Sudan.. The program was made by 7000 stations across the country.. This was our only well structured service in this controversial sector..

Advocating how our personnel are smart or dedicated is not the issue, as healthcare is a complex service; which requires lots of guidelines and tools to successfully deliver.. No one here wants to downgrade any efforts, or to denounce the wishes about improved service.. This talk is about quality, not in terms of technicalities, but in terms of governance..

We need to admit that there are no proper Healthcare Planning, Operations or Products.. What we have is merely shy glimpse of a service that should be hygiene; while the premises urinary stinks.. It should be critically responsive, while most ambulatories malfunction.. It should be professionally sustainable; while its Minister advise the personnel to migrate.. It should be national, while it is urban and central.. It should be progressive, while is uproot from accreditation and academics collaborations.. It should be public, while it swiftly becomes lucrative private enterprises.. Its logistics and pharmacies should be handy, while corrupt administrators and managers (whom many are Medical Professionals too) spare the efforts, not to secure operations and services.. etc..

The wishful reform will not typically commenced by the “Sudanese Code of Politicalizing Everything” or SCPE.. An independent syndicate will prove nothing, unless honoring the professional mindset.. Although our physicians spend 90% of their time; upgrading their medical knowledge, they spent the left 10% on politics rather than healthcare training, in both management and governance; which are extensively available online.. Worldwide, very few healthcare professionals are engaged in the public politics, while ours are mostly and proudly sink within.. Since the famous protest of 1964 led by nurses-in-uniform; till the latest extravaganza on the independent syndicate; can someone count the added values professionally and nationally..?

True Healthcare reform will get the momentum by its capable and integrated soft resources.. Not the enthusiastic personnel who are eager to change, but who are professionally capable to do..
How Change of Healthcare  can be brought forward if the number of qualified planners, administrators, managers, financiers and auditors is not substantiated nor adequate..?

Once we had a Government.. 1905

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Double Saddle

An Austerlian Caravan

Camels are known in Arabia and Sahara since the dawn of time; yet no one had considered a double seat-saddle..!!


Why to seat on the Hump rather than align to it..?

An Arabic Caravan

An Indian decoirated single Saddle

My Friend Meliha had advised that Double Saddle is already known in India.. I did not find a lot of examples, which means that the common is the single Saddle.. Also, no examples were found else where in Asia or Africa.. Most of the "old" nations are using the single Saddle, while the double one came with the "New" World..!

Only example in India

Early Austerlian Model

Typical Arabic/Indian/African Saddle setting

Between a single Saddle and a double one; a great story of civilization.. Some people were smart enough to optimize the load bearing capacity of a camel, while others did not.. From a design point of view; double Saddle is easier to assemble and tie on, yet more comfortable for the animal..

It is a mindset..!!

Women's Rights

50 Years ago, the American Public had defended Women's right to publically practice and compete in all sports..
Arab world still fighting for.. Cracked by.. and Confused with..
Is this enough to segregat the Human Civilization..?

Awesome moments in history -- In 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston marathon. After realizing that a woman was running, race organizer Jock Semple went after Switzer shouting, “Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers.” However, Switzer’s boyfriend and other male runners provided a protective shield during the entire marathon.The photographs taken of the incident made world headlines, and Kathrine later won the NYC marathon with a time of 3:07:29. [Wiki] / ~ In appreciation of all you strong women and all your supportive partners out there!e Humane Civilization..?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Waw

The most celebrated letter among Sufis and Turks..!!
No other Muslim nation acknowledge the Waw, nor they taste..

Raising a Child..

In September of 1959, Susan Sontag lists her 10 rules for raising a child. (Their object, Sontag’s son David Rieff, edited this very volume.) Underpinning them is a subtle but palpable reverence for the precious gift of “childishness” — something

These rules still valid..!!

1.Be consistent

2.Don’t speak about him to others (e.g., tell funny things) in his presence. (Don’t make him self-conscious.)

3.Don’t praise him for something I wouldn’t always accept as good.

4.Don’t reprimand him harshly for something he’s been allowed to do.

5.Daily routine: eating, homework, bath, teeth, room, story, bed.

6.Don’t allow him to monopolize me when I am with other people.

7.Always speak well of his pop. (No faces, sighs, impatience, etc.)

8.Do not discourage childish fantasies.

9.Make him aware that there is a grown-up world that’s none of his business.

10.Don’t assume that what I don’t like to do (bath, hairwash) he won’t like either.

A Clash of Civilization is Really True..?

Why it is questionable..?

It is widely proven vide the various details of behavior, mindset and likeness across the globe, that we are simply different..
Just carefully and comprehensively look around.. Observe how people interact, exchange and express.. Understand motivations, suppressions and parameters..

Admitting the existence of such clash is the 1st step for conciliation.. if meant to be..!!

Counter advocacy is only a proposed scenario for world peace; which is not necessarily to be the correct one.. It only suppresses disagreements and contradictions to emphasis on a concept of humane unification.. Such suffocated idea of strangeness don’t die, but hide.. When it comes out, it comes wild and unmerciful.. Look around for spilled bloods, ugly hatred and unbelievable atrocities; despite the massive campaigns for peace, solidarity and integrations..

Such campaigns had only elevated the personal humane value, rather than humane integration.. People are increasingly reluctant for scarify or unselfishness; while the greed for life spoils all social, political and knowledge platforms.. We became extremely selfish, unmerciful and intolerant.. Charities are driven by taxation compromises rather than duties..

Beware that there are more views out there than the circulated ones in media and social networks.. These only represent a quarter of Mankind..!

Despite the annual $3 trillion Charities, which would mean $1,500 for each poor person; yet we have more than 1 billion extremely unprivileged people with less than $1 a day.. Despite the amazing work, efforts and phenomenon of NGO, lots of inequality, illiteracy and cleansing are happening among 70% of the population.. Despite the mass media and cyber connectivity, ridiculous radicalism is growing from Oregon to Papua Genies, spreading and sometimes dominating more than 40% of earth.. Certainly; there is something fundamentally wrong in our approach..!!

Kindly; culturally and geographically categorize the response to Huntington’s Political Theory: who discusses, who understands, who doesn’t, and who objects.. and who doesn’t care..!! Such generated landscape will be amazing to visualize and read..

Not necessarily all great ideas are applicable, otherwise it would be Utopia.. The inevitable evil-confrontations we produce; can only be confronted by epistemic understanding and rationalizing our integration with each other.. It is not an spiritual love to exchange, but a physical necessity to exist..

Admitting the Clash of Civilization is not an appreciation of any or denouncing any.. Not an upgrade or downgrade any humane production.. It is only a statement that we are different.. Not necessarily to be lovers or enemies.. Yet, we have to integrate not only that we have some common psychological and biological unifications, but because we have to interact, exchange and integrate.. Simply: we need each other..

Maybe, if we avoid intensifying the lovely dream of humane solitary, true fusion will be celebrated..

Why such awful cartoon did not create great rows, while Buddhist, Hindu, Christians and Jews collectively have more believers, illiterates, unprivileged than Muslims..?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Autopsy of Relationships

Relationships among people vary across the categories of life, business and networks.. Regardless of what a relationship is, it gets complex as per how intimate it becomes.. The “Details” grow among the close ones, whereas they are exposed for lots of activities and exchanges.. The further people get closer, the bigger and obvious the details and fine ingredients are within each couple..

This is how people would “Develop” their relationships from a form into another.. From strangers, to colleagues, to friends, to lovers, to spouses, and to divorcees as well.. Yes, as how love is a friendship that got fire, as how divorce is a marriage that got irreversibly contrasted.. All are related to details and fine issues that sometimes are hard to explain..

Humans are naturally “Optimistic” when it comes to their relationships.. No one anticipates failure when pursuing a form of a relationship.. People are created with built in openness, potentials and integrations.. People only discover how life is not optimistic once their relationships confront any hurdles or problems.. These are the natural frictions and clashes among personalities..

Life can’t be molded or modeled; therefore the “Wisdom” though generations was about creating guidelines that may enable understanding behaviors and motivations.. Providing examples in folkloric tales was always great tool to implant the seeds of the social wisdom within the consciousness.. Also, great deal was entrusted to both precautions and recommendations of actions to be taken..

“Time” is always the true player in formation of dissolve any relationship.. Despite the momentum of emotions or justifications; time would establish the intimacy or the hatred between any couple.. Within the time game, not necessarily that all personal or characteristic details are matching or contradicting, they only grow or fade during the period of interacting and exchange..

No wonder that lovers get closer and more loving by time, while divorcees disintegrate and remarkably differ by time as well.. Successful relations are never 100% match, but 100% “Adaptable” at various fusing points across the relation’s landscape.. The remarkable legacy of Mankind is the mysterious capacity to adapt, integrate and fuse between the persons who are successfully close..

When people meet, they automatically examine each other to their set of values.. The “Fusing” points, are where a couple would successfully meet, or the defusing ones where other divorce; are mysterious enough to gauge.. It vary as how people would vary, with no particular specifications or definitions.. Again, it is all about the details, which if acceptable to someone, it is disgusting for another..

The complexity of psychology is related to those hidden derivatives within the subconscious; which swings both decisions and likeliness as per alarming, appealing or triggering moralities.. Therefore, drastic and dramatic changes may normally occur in the relationships; developing them from a form to another.. “Maturity” is about how to handle or manage this change, not to block or suppress..

While growing up, parents’ behavior, folkloric tales and mass media constitute the expectation gauge.. Every child has these transparent and innocent perceptions about the surrounding people.. Every adolescent has these lovely imaginations about love, fitness and wins.. Every young person has these great conformities on success, achievements and happiness.. No one seriously has a “Plan B”..

Coming from deprived, broken or hierarchical family is the only reason for a person to seriously exercise Plan B within the normal routines.. As how this is against the “Norms”, it breeds exceptional persons at their young age, who are remarkably achievers or criminals..!! However, their relationships with the others are never normal, nor sustainable..

This is a typical autopsy of relationships among people; which is necessary to be presented to abstract any confusing and questionable details.. A person may need to read it more than once, to extract the domains and topics, and ease any meant exercise.. The Bold words are my chosen ones to streamline the sequence..

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ideas are Fragile, Handle with Care..

Ideas are fragile. They can mean everything if used or nothing at all if wasted. There are many ways of wasting good ideas even if people do share them. There are also many ways of sending the message that people with good ideas would be wasting their time if they shared them with you.

Ever had an idea? Have you experienced that eureka moment? Ever had an idea rejected? Have you ever forgotten an important thought? Have you ever gained insights that might make a difference but given up because the prospect of jumping through corporate hoops was too much effort?

What kind of ideas culture do you have?

Idea Toxic is a company where thinking is not welcome and thinkers receive no rewards for their efforts. Culturally there is one best way so that people view new ideas as trouble. There is indifference to finding any better way. There is cynicism born of apathy and negative experiences.

Idea Wasteful is a company where managers treat ideas casually. They think that ideas are simple, easy, not really worth doing anything about. They view creativity as the opposite of productivity. There is often no organised way of dealing with new ideas. There may be an underpowered suggestion scheme or an over- demanding return on investment scheme.

Idea Friendly is a company that welcomes new ideas. It knows that they are valuable. It knows that they are necessary. It has a culture that wants to examine ideas and see how they contribute. There is often an organised way of dealing with new ideas as they arrive. There may even be an approach to managing those ideas through to the market

Idea Hungry is a company that thatseeks out new ideas. It wants to understandthe world better. It wants to make a difference. It is drive by curiosity to question assumptions. People view their expertise as a starting point for contributing to new knowledge rather than as a defence mechanism for keeping facts in neat little boxes. Individuals and their networks challenge boundaries. People see impossible as motivational rather than a constraint.

If someone on the front line of your organisation has an idea what happens to it? Often a supervisor decides whether to pass it on or not. The filtering process continues until a small number of ideas arrive at the top. Which ideas get through? Ideas that managers believe are acceptable. These are often not the good ideas. They are unlikely to be the transformational ideas or the ideas that inspire the rest of the company. This kind of filter doesn’t allow give enough ideas a chance.

Some companies have suggestion schemes, allowing the idea to bypass the immediate manager. Unfortunately, most of these schemes receive less than half an idea per employee each year.

Idea Mismanagement is anything that you do that wastes ideas. If you don’t write down ideas, they just disappear. All that effort creating them produces nothing. All the insight and experience wrapped up in the idea is gone. If you don’t develop ideas, they sit on the shelf unused. If you don’t test ideas, you don’t learn whether the idea was good or bad, too early or too late.

Idea Management is what you do to protect and nurture ideas. You store and catalogue ideas so that they can be found when they are needed. You test them so that you know what worked, what didn’t, and why. Anyone who finds them gets to build on what you learned. People receive support to develop their ideas so that you don’t reject gems just because they’re unpolished.

Hierarchy and history conspire to disconnect the part that thinks from the part that does. When thinking and doing are disconnected, innovation is impossible.

Greek philosophers, of the upper island class, conceived of the telescope but were unable to bring it to life because they didn’t rub shoulders with the artisans who had the glass manufacturing ability. One thousand six-hundred years later a trio of glass polishers brought the telescope to life.

The success of old ideas limits organisations from embracing new ideas. Small groups of people responsible for thinking rely on whatever it was that worked in the past. Ideas, good or bad, come from the top. The rest of the organisation is there to do rather to think. Fewer and fewer ideas make the journey from the centre of the company to the outside world. Your opportunity is to reverse this trend.

(Excerpt from The Truth About Innovation by Max Mckeown)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Decent House

Shelter and housing supply is the greatest burden for both executives and planners. It is not only to create provisions for developments and construction, but to adopt the supply channels to people’s earnings and financials.

For the Public Servants; there are moral and executive obligations to provide the public with decent housing. Real Estate sector in any balanced stable economy will represent 15-20% of the GDP. Spending on Real Estate will fairly consume 30% of anyone’s budget and income. The rank on the ladder of Property Ownership is the most significant estate a person would proudly have.

There are important classifications and definitions related to “The House” from a Real Estate context:
  1. Dwelling: means any building or structure can be used as a home
  2. House: is the place for residence or refuge
  3. Townhouse: is a type of small footprint and medium-density housing in cities
  4. Apartment: is a self-contained housing unit that occupies only part of a building
  5. Condominium: is the form of housing tenure where a specified part is individually owned
  6. Loft: refers to large adaptable open space, which includes upper open areas
  7. Penthouse: is an apartment on the highest floor and typically differentiated by luxury features
  8. Mansion: is a very large sprawling dwelling house
  9. Cottage: is usually a modest, often cozy dwelling, typically in a rural or semi-rural location
Other forms which typical have insignificant real estate value, and can’t be called “House”:
  1. Hut: are temporary shelter that are quickly built of readily available materials
  2. Shack: is small cheaply made house, usually in a state of disrepair
  3. Shade: is the blocking of sun light and heat by any object, in temperate and tropical zones
  4. Tent: is a shelter from sheets of fabric draped over frame of poles and supporting rope

The “Decent House” for a family is never a Single Room, for many practical and convenient reasons. This fact draws the divide between nomads and others. Nomadic house is just a temporary shelter, which is continuously reshaped as per environment, climate and landscape. On the contrary, the “Decent House” is a permanent structure driven by cost, bylaws and amenities. Worldwide, there is great number of social attributes associated with the “Decent House”

Notably, availability of independent or shared utilities, sanitary or service facilities doesn’t affect the purpose of the “Decent House”. Certainly there are limits of decency associated with structuring of those utilities.

Islamically, there are “Four” provisions that a “Decent House” is indispensably required for:
  1. Family Privacy apart from general sight and hear of others
  2. Parents Privacy for their three predefined times during a day and night
  3. Female Privacy for their uninterrupted personal and religious activities
  4. Adolescence Privacy which contentedly separates Females from Males
Muslim City Managers and Public Executives should know that ignoring or mishandle these "Decent Housing" parameters; is an involuntary religious violation leading to unrecoverable family misappropriation and fragmentation.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Knowledge Professionals

A knowledge based economy is built by worldly professionals, who are mostly in mid career and age.. They only need sustainability of opportunity, growth and livelihood..
  • Opportunity to contribute and express their self-pride..
  • Career growth with unlimited potentials and gains..
  • Affordable urban livelihood to enjoy..
Offering these parameters is the sole foundation for amazing achiements and excellent performance.. The optimum administration at work..
Then, Business Leaders are no required to be tech-guru, but smart facilitators; to enable and motivate the delivery..
Civic Leaders need to coordinate the livelihood to enable the associated details..
Failure to secure these parameters will seriously hurt back, as they would leave, sailing to where competences are appreciated.. and rewarded..
Noteably, cross border insurers are creating attractive programs to fit these professionals, who indirectly denounce the definition of Homeland..!!

The Great Deception by Erdogan

This is the reality of Erdogan, which Arabic Speakers (as usual) don't know..

A Leader is losing among his people, A Politician is exposed among his rivals and a Media Player who's tactics are no more exciting..

Erdogan had facilitated Muslim Brotherhood to gain powers in Libya, Egypt, Morocco and Syria (swiftly coming)..
Erdogan had soughed flashes over Gaza, Somalia and Burma.. While butchers Kurds, disintegrates with Greeks and plays hard on Turkish nationalism..
Similar to the broader BM mindset; Erdogan (and his AKP) came to power, and will not easily leave.. Yet, the majority of Muslims are unaware of the dark tunnel walking through as inspired by Erdogan..!

Turkish people are gearing up against AKP.. Arabs will need another 10 years to collectively do the same..!!
  Erdogan is a pillar in the great misconception over Political Islam, when he provided both moral and physical support to Muslim Brotherhood to perform and gain powers.. He downgraded Islam into dirty political gaming, regardless of the hurt caused to Islamic epistemic and religious foundations..   The guilt on Erdogan is unrecognizable by those “anaesthetized” Muslims and Arabs, who are too naïve to maintain their own sanity, authenticity, or religion.. The seriousness of his acts are far beyond present time, but up to the future..
When a person falsely evolves; certainly will fall down..!!
  Yes, it is confusing, as most of the Turkish political debates are in their native language, which is generally unknown.. Therefore, people know about Erdogan and AKP as how only transmitted in the English media.. Deliberately, there is a disconnect in the Turkish Media..

Muslims of China

When the Prophet pbuh had set an example for aiming knowledge gain, He pbuh had mentioned China.. The most far destination that people of Arabia had known at that time.. This tells how Chinese culture is distant, unknown and different from many Middle Eastern cultures..

Chinese rich and diverse cultures had gained and added lots to the Muslim Codes and their associated Arabian morals.. This has eventually enriched the Muslim cultures and added greater depth for their practices..

Unfortunately, most of the Muslim researchers and scholars were seized within dignifying Arabian referrals, which unintentionally ignored the fact that Islam came to dignify all humane endeavors, as seeds for the unified belief and aim..

Saturday, September 8, 2012

You'll never be Chinese

Why Expat Businessmen Are Leaving China

Last month, Mark Kitto, a British businessman who built (and subsequently lost) an empire of English-language magazines in China, wrote a 4,000 word article for the UK's Prospect magazine explaining why, after 26 years, he was finally leaving China.

It was a strongly worded article, titled simply "You'll never be Chinese", and railing against the country's corruption and immorality. Kitto had clearly touched a nerve — the article was soon passed around widely amongst China's big expat community, with both strong criticism and support. The article was apparently such a huge hit for Prospect that they had to buy new servers.

The article also helped bring attention to a wave of "Why I am leaving China"-type posts. In practically became a sub-genre of China expat literature — and even prompted a parody from the China Daily Show ("So you’ve finally decided to break up with China. You’ll probably want to write a blog post or newspaper article about it, then").

So why is everyone leaving China? Reuters' Jane Lanhee Lee has a new video interview with Kitto, who explains some of his reasoning.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Mirror of Mankind

American GDP: The Fantastic Fiction of American Economic Strength
By Dan Collins

Is the U.S. economy still the most powerful in the world? That is what we are told as the United States does have by far the world’s largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In fact, American GDP is larger than the next three largest economies combined which are China, Japan, and Germany. Is the United States economy really larger than the world’s second, third, and forth-largest economies combined? This is an important question as GDP is one of the holy grails of today’s economists and policy makers. If we can only make GDP rise, we are assured we will grow our way out of our economic problems. American GDP in 2011 was roughly $15 trillion U.S dollars. The next 3 largest economies China (6T), Japan (6T), and Germany (3T) combined at a GDP in 2011 of also roughly $15 trillion U.S. dollars.

But let’s look at some of the real production statistics in each of the economies. I will compare the U.S. with its $15 trillion dollar economy against the next three largest economies which I will refer to as the “Block Of 3” which comprises China, Japan, and Germany and their combined GDP of $15 trillion USD. Be prepared to be shocked. Total exports from the U.S. last year were $1.5 trillion USD. The Block of 3 had total exports of $4 trillion. The U.S. produced 86 million tons of steel in 2011, the Block of 3 produced ten times that number with 835 million tons of steel. The U.S. produced 8.7 million cars in 2011. The Block of 3 produced 4 times that number with 33 million units produced. In the Internet and communications area, the U.S. has 245 million Internet users; the Block of 3 has 681 million Internet users. Total mobile phone subscriber numbers are even more lopsided with the U.S. having 328 million mobile phone subscribers with the Block of 3 having 1.2 billion subscribers.

In terms of national wealth, China alone now has a total household net worth larger than the U.S. with $69 trillion in household wealth versus $57 trillion. So where is the disconnected? Most of us will remember from Economics 101 the GDP calculation is as follows.

GDP = private consumption + gross investment + government spending + (exports – imports)

When we analyze the U.S. GDP numbers compared to the world’s next 3 largest economies or the Block of 3, we can see the U.S. still runs and has run massive trade deficits so the “(exports-imports)” part of the equation will hurt the U.S. GDP numbers.

Gross investment has been declining for a decade in the U.S. so the gross investment side of the U.S. GDP calculation is also a negative. In 2006, U.S. housing starts were averaging 1.6 million units per month. In 2012, we are excited when the number is over 300,000 per month. In 2007 our total vehicle production was 13 million units, however, in 2011 we produced only 8.7 million units. Clearly the production investment side of the economy in the U.S. is not helping the GDP numbers.

When we look back at the GDP calculation that leaves us government spending and consumption, which is basically what the U.S. economy has become. Consumption is now 73% of the U.S. GDP calculation. Where does our spending and consumption come from but, of course, printed money as the Federal Reserve last year bought close to 80% of new Treasury debt.

What has really been going on in this economy is a government induced bubble that has developed over the last several decades where total credit in the economy has grown from $1 trillion to $50 trillion in the last 43 years.

The hard reality facing policy makers today is that the entire U.S. economy is a ponzi scheme based on cheap credit. This massive explosion of debt and credit has resulted and aided in the transformation of the U.S. economy from production into one of consumption. General Electric quickly focused on moving into media and finance as opposed to producing things. Production based business were sold off or offshored. General Motors started financing home loans through GMAC instead of fixing their car business. We built homes that no one needed. All the classic signs of malinvestment created by a credit boom were there. Our real productive sectors of the economy have fallen off a cliff and we have attempted to mask this with government handouts and money printing.

Clearly the entire American economic system needs radical restructuring. Governments must be radically downsized. We have a tax system which has the world’s highest corporate rates yet collects little or nothing from the countries largest corporations. There is no real market for home loans anymore with the government being the lender of last resort through Fannie, Freddie, and the FHA. Savers are being robbed of their interest payments on their capital by the Federal Reserve’s manipulation of interest rates. Rule-of-law has been replaced with rule-by-lawyer as rent seeking by the legal profession in this economy runs rampant.

American GDP is a bubble propped up by government spending, government hiring, consumer credit and debt. The Fed prints money sending it into the economic ecosystem in order to bring up the demand curve for goods and services, which creates GDP, or in our case consumption. The economy is so far unbalanced and so far in debt that default and the accompanying depression may be the only ways out of the situation. Without major structural reform the United States will continue to see jobless “recovery” after jobless recovery. There needs to be a focus on production and real wealth creation as opposed to false economic statistics such as the GDP number which is no longer the barometer of a healthily economy.

The comparison between US & B3 is structurally faulty, as based on mathematics, which inevitably ignores lots of management and operational issues.. The true comparison should be relative and proportional between each US & each of B3 countries.. However, the mightiness of the American supremacy is an enigma, which requires more visionary and integrity to assess..

Between the lines of Michelle lots of American values are laid, which, in my opinion drive the unbeatable USA.. This is not on sovereign issues, but on the personal one..

Despite how the “Red Necks” are weird, they are seeds of the mighty agro business.. Despite how most “Latinos” are illiterate, they are seeds of leading retail business.. Despite how most “People of Color” are low ranked, they are the bricks of pioneering knowledge economy.. Despite how many “Whiteis” are arrogant or racist; they fuel since and technology.. Despite how many “Money Makers” trade ethics, they have unspoken taste for family and religion..

Therefore.. It is an Enigma..!!

Because it is composed from world migrants; I always call it: "The Mirror of Mankind.." with all our drivatives, sins, blessings and potentials..

Mohd Fudzail Mohd Nor qouted Rev. Jesse Jackson:
"America is not like a blanket, one piece of unbroken cloth. America is more like a quilt-many patches, many pieces, many colors, many sizes, all woven together by a common thread"

So, what is the Magical Thread..?
That make it different from all other migration hubs..?
Maybe, it is the $1 mln question..therefore I call it Enigma..!!

The ‎3rd Sector..

Most of the Western systems and ligslations encourage charities as deductibles from the annual taxation.. It is simply a win-win situation, whereas the rich ones got the fame, and the public got free gifts and aid.. Many are misled by famous "Generous Celebraties", like Obera Winffery and Bill Gates; not knowing how much they truly cut from their own pockets to fund both public and commons.. You better browse their fortunes..!!

The true example of moral charities would be among whose with no direct or indirect benefits from their charities.. Maybe more expressed by who do it anonymously, regardless how much the monetary value..!!

Financials of NGOs (annually $3 trillion) is the new frontiers of business.. This 3rd sector is totally new to our 3rd world ears.. We shall take another 10 years to understand the mechanism of the confusing philothronpy structure.. Meanwhile, we just keep putting our small amounts in the charity boxes located wherever we go..!!!

This ‎3rd sector is a new conceptual domain within the economic strucure, whereas Zakat and Charities are included.. In Arabic Islamic history; Zakat was not taxation, Moukus (and/or Jaziya) was the one.. Zakat was not collected to asseble armies, pave roads, provide infrastructure or pay the public servents.. Arabic Islamic heritage was (delibrately) immature in this regard, considering the many demographic and siciopolitical components within..

Zakat is only 1-2.25%, while the standard worldly taxation is 20-30%

Certainly, we are not in need to sail back for centuries to learn what to do, but to look around and import (or imitate) the good examples of (complex) financial management.. and they are many..!

CDM for Zakat in UAE

Monday, September 3, 2012

An Egyptian Epidemic

Some Egyptian women are now scared to appear alone or even with female friends in public places

Egypt's Sexual Harassment of Women 'Epidemic'

Campaigners in Egypt say the problem of sexual harassment is reaching epidemic proportions, with a rise in such incidents over the past three months. For many Egyptian women, sexual harassment - which sometimes turns into violent mob-style attacks - is a daily fact of life, reports the BBC's Bethany Bell in Cairo.

Last winter, an Egyptian woman was assaulted by a crowd of men in the city of Alexandria.

In video footage of the incident, posted on the internet, she is hauled over men's shoulders and dragged along the ground, her screams barely audible over the shouts of the mob.
It is hard to tell who is attacking her and who is trying to help.
The case was one of the most extreme - but surveys say many Egyptian women face some form of sexual harassment every day.

Marwa, not her real name, says she worries about being groped or verbally harassed whenever she goes downtown. She says it makes her afraid.
"This is something that scares me, as a girl. When I want to go out, walking the street and someone harasses or annoys me, it makes me afraid.
"This stops me from going out. I try to be excessively cautious in the way I dress so I avoid wearing things that attract people."

'Deeply rooted'
The day I met Marwa, she was wearing a long headscarf pinned like a wimple under her chin, and a loose flowing dress with long sleeves over baggy trousers.
But dressing conservatively is no longer a protection, according to Dina Farid of the campaign group Egypt's Girls are a Red Line.
She says even women who wear the full-face veil - the niqab - are being targeted.
"It does not make a difference at all. Most of Egyptian ladies are veiled [with a headscarf] and most of them have experienced sexual harassment.
"Statistics say that most of the women or girls who have been sexually harassed have been veiled or completely covered up with the niqab."

In 2008, a study by the Egyptian Centre for Women's Rights found that more than 80% of Egyptian women have experienced sexual harassment, and that the majority of the victims were those who wore Islamic headscarves.

Said Sadek, a sociologist from the American University in Cairo, says that the problem is deeply rooted in Egyptian society: a mixture of what he calls increasing Islamic conservatism, on the rise since the late 1960s, and old patriarchal attitudes.
"Religious fundamentalism arose, and they began to target women. They want women to go back to the home and not work.
"Male patriarchal culture does not accept that women are higher than men, because some women had education and got to work, and some men lagged behind and so one way to equalise status is to shock women and force a sexual situation on them anywhere.
"It is not the culture of the Pharaohs; it is the culture of the Bedouins," Mr Sadek says.

Mr Sadek and women's campaign groups also blame what they call the lack of security enforcement. They say the police should do more to enforce laws protecting women from harassment.

"If the girls were dressed respectably, no-one would touch them. It's the way girls dress that makes guys come on to them”
A Male Cairo Teenager

'Provocative dress'
And the harassers are getting younger and younger.
On the Qasr al-Nil bridge in central Cairo, a hotspot for harassment, I met a group of teenage boys hanging out near street stalls blaring loud music.
When I asked them about a recent case of mass harassment in which women at a park were groped by a gang of boys, they told me the girls brought it on themselves.
"If the girls were dressed respectably, no-one would touch them," one of them said. "It's the way girls dress that makes guys come on to them. The girls came wanting it - even women in niqab."
One of his friends told me the boys were not to blame, and that there was a difference between women who wore loose niqabs and tight ones.
A woman who wore a tight niqab was up for it, he added.

But attitudes like these horrify many Egyptian men - like Hamdy, a human rights activist.
"I really feel very upset myself because I think about my family, my sisters and my mother," he said.
"Before Eid [the festival at the end of Ramadan], I was downtown and I had my sisters with me. It gets very crowded and I had my eyes everywhere, looking around and I shouted at a pedlar who got in their way. In our religion this is something that is not allowed."

The new government says it is taking the problem seriously - although many campaigners argue it is not a priority yet.

For women - like Nancy, who lives in central Cairo - it is a question of freedom.
"I want to walk safely and like a human being. Nobody should touch or harass me - that's it."

Egypt: A Historical Puzzle..

Famous Cairo Traffic, yet they manage..!!!!

Throughout history; Egypt was the most populous, industrial and technological center in the Middle East, which made it as magnet for regional skilled, business and labor migrations.. This had created the mixed ethnic and cultural characteristics of both State and People..

Therefore, most of ME socio dynamics, including ups and downs, progressive and negative, were either generated or influenced by Egypt, then echoed across time to the surrounding communities.. Careful analysis of the chronicles will result in many examples across all aspects of life..

This "Egyptian Phenomenon" was much clearer during the last century, whereas communications, mobility and travels were much easier, faster and intensive.. Also, Egyptian urban, economic and business trends were further complex; with greater demand for cross border resources and markets..

As Egypt was a leading figure, echoing events and incidents in its major sociopolitical centers would talk a while to transmit its referrals and features to listeners and observers across the Middle East.. Many of fashions, cosines and families became named Egyptian, while there were originally not..

At mid 1800th, Khedive had worked to replica Paris, Vienna and Rome into Cairo and Alexandria.. Remarkable openness in Education, Journalism, Gender, Academia, Civil Rights were inevitablly associated.. Turkish and Mamluk social ranking systems had ignited social competition and associated economic and industrial developments.. Despite how land reforms were absent, Agro business had stabilized and balanced the social order..

At early 1900th, all political, economic, academic and social concepts were systematically exported from Cairo and Alexandria to the surrounding Middle Eastern Capitals.. Some leading Egyptian industry and business men had migrated with shear knowledge, establishing new dynasties in Libya, Sudan, Lebanon and Hejaz.. Aristocratic alliances were strongly knitted among Egypt, Turkey, Syria and Iran..

At 1920th, Egypt had a Constitution, a Parliament, Elections, Ambassadors, Foreign Military Bases (in Sudan, Hejaz & Somalia), Ranked Civil Service and Records Agencies.. It was the most rich and powerful state, post the decline of Ottoman Empire.. AlAzhar had added lots of spiritual ranking to the powerful Egypt..

Between the World Wars; Nationalism, Islamization and Radicalism had rapidly grown within Egyptian Middle Class, who had accesses for better education, media and life style.. It took more than 50 years to echo elsewhere, as urban ranking was young, fragile and inconsistent..

Charismatic leaders of Egypt, despite the related controversies, had echoed both strength and skills of their precedents since the Pharaohs.. The very foundations of the Egyptian State had not changed despite Greek, Arab, Muslim and European Migrants, Settlers and Concurs.. Their collective assets of sociopolitical leadership was unprecedented nor replica elsewhere.. The assets were not only location or resources, but people who mix all brilliances and ingredients across the Middle East in a significant pot called: Egypt..!!

Regardless of individual or accidental achievements; most of Middle Eastern Political Estates, , Academia, Journalism, Civil Service were defined stable by 1970th, while their Foreign Service were functionally affective by 1980th.. Despite the oil exports, most the Economies had took recognizable shapes by 1980th or later.. Such paradox had created inevitable characteristic confrontations between Egyptians and other Middle Eastern people.. Certainly, personal comments would compile to build a (informal) statements or (unspoken) policies.. This is the reason of notable priddism or arrogance which are usually made in sarcastic forms, spread through the strong Egyptian Media Machine..

The long acting government of Egypt had the inherited processing and tools to dye the issues as per their relevance to formal strategies and interests; while would use the commons to reflect contradicting messages.. and vs. verses.. Typically, when a confrontation happens, there are no solid materials to prove any wrongdoings; which in return ignite fierce frustration and burning anger among the None-Egyptians.. Therefore, people are usually puzzled in the Egyptian Transactions; not defined, nor understood..!!

This is nothing compared to the modern Egyptian Pop music and albums, which most social ranks, classes and groups hilariously share the joy of its noisy rhythms and enjoy its ridiculously meaningless lyrics.. It is a convenient sphere for drugs, impudence and cheap entertainment.. If the contents of such pop songs are translated, it will be a universal scandal..!!

Typically in Egypt; Arabs are brothers who wear scarves, Shiite are Muslim yet infidel, Sudanese are honest yet Doormen, Africans are strong yet cannibals, Indians are Stupid, Malaysians are short, and Jews are stingy.. On the contrary, Turkish have the most beautiful women, French are adorable, German are tough and British are foxy.. USA is the paradise that worth migration.. yet Egypt is the Mother Land of the World..

I know, this article is harsh and would anger many Non-Egyptians, Egyptian Friends of mine, and my Egyptian family members.. yet, clarity is important to for any stable relationship..