Saturday, September 15, 2012

Autopsy of Relationships

Relationships among people vary across the categories of life, business and networks.. Regardless of what a relationship is, it gets complex as per how intimate it becomes.. The “Details” grow among the close ones, whereas they are exposed for lots of activities and exchanges.. The further people get closer, the bigger and obvious the details and fine ingredients are within each couple..

This is how people would “Develop” their relationships from a form into another.. From strangers, to colleagues, to friends, to lovers, to spouses, and to divorcees as well.. Yes, as how love is a friendship that got fire, as how divorce is a marriage that got irreversibly contrasted.. All are related to details and fine issues that sometimes are hard to explain..

Humans are naturally “Optimistic” when it comes to their relationships.. No one anticipates failure when pursuing a form of a relationship.. People are created with built in openness, potentials and integrations.. People only discover how life is not optimistic once their relationships confront any hurdles or problems.. These are the natural frictions and clashes among personalities..

Life can’t be molded or modeled; therefore the “Wisdom” though generations was about creating guidelines that may enable understanding behaviors and motivations.. Providing examples in folkloric tales was always great tool to implant the seeds of the social wisdom within the consciousness.. Also, great deal was entrusted to both precautions and recommendations of actions to be taken..

“Time” is always the true player in formation of dissolve any relationship.. Despite the momentum of emotions or justifications; time would establish the intimacy or the hatred between any couple.. Within the time game, not necessarily that all personal or characteristic details are matching or contradicting, they only grow or fade during the period of interacting and exchange..

No wonder that lovers get closer and more loving by time, while divorcees disintegrate and remarkably differ by time as well.. Successful relations are never 100% match, but 100% “Adaptable” at various fusing points across the relation’s landscape.. The remarkable legacy of Mankind is the mysterious capacity to adapt, integrate and fuse between the persons who are successfully close..

When people meet, they automatically examine each other to their set of values.. The “Fusing” points, are where a couple would successfully meet, or the defusing ones where other divorce; are mysterious enough to gauge.. It vary as how people would vary, with no particular specifications or definitions.. Again, it is all about the details, which if acceptable to someone, it is disgusting for another..

The complexity of psychology is related to those hidden derivatives within the subconscious; which swings both decisions and likeliness as per alarming, appealing or triggering moralities.. Therefore, drastic and dramatic changes may normally occur in the relationships; developing them from a form to another.. “Maturity” is about how to handle or manage this change, not to block or suppress..

While growing up, parents’ behavior, folkloric tales and mass media constitute the expectation gauge.. Every child has these transparent and innocent perceptions about the surrounding people.. Every adolescent has these lovely imaginations about love, fitness and wins.. Every young person has these great conformities on success, achievements and happiness.. No one seriously has a “Plan B”..

Coming from deprived, broken or hierarchical family is the only reason for a person to seriously exercise Plan B within the normal routines.. As how this is against the “Norms”, it breeds exceptional persons at their young age, who are remarkably achievers or criminals..!! However, their relationships with the others are never normal, nor sustainable..

This is a typical autopsy of relationships among people; which is necessary to be presented to abstract any confusing and questionable details.. A person may need to read it more than once, to extract the domains and topics, and ease any meant exercise.. The Bold words are my chosen ones to streamline the sequence..

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