Friday, September 21, 2012


Genetically, Arabs form less than 15% of my bio, while been Arabized by upbringing, surrounding, tongue and sociality..
My long time friend Mustafa Shuaib had raise a question on the decay, a linguistic or a man-made..?

Not only Arabic is written from right, but Hebrew too.. Japanese is written from up downwards.. Therefore, technicalities of writing is not the obstacle nor the cause of linguistic survival.. Arabic is preserved by inhumane element: Islam.. Arabs could not preserve any of the ancient tongues of their ancestors, nor factually and controversially influenced the depth of global epistemia..

Civilization is not a mortal activity, therefore; if happens, people need to reconsider both definition and history.. Certainly Arabs are not a vocal phenomenon, but an active one.. Not necessarily a positive one all the time.. But a one that humanity will indefinitely remember

In today' world, you cannot progress in isolation.. The true urbanism is bred from global conceive of referrals, convections and creativity.. Arabic Spring dies as been epistemically isolated, unexamined and unchallenged; otherwise Arabs will not vote for Muslim Brotherhood..!!

During the last 50 years, our bridges were aggressively cut by ridiculous patriotism, while our cords were increasingly stretched everywhere.. As a matter of fact, it was cut by ashamed nervous reaction of people and leaders with inability to communicate.. We print lots of papers, while people read only 5% of them (Sport & Society).. As Toqqan said 60 years ago: Arab master in the resource-waste..!!

Eventually, not all the people can breed civilizations; as Civilizations should not epistemically clash.. But people do.. So how it comes that Arabic Civilization clashes with the others..?

Most of Medieval Arabic intellectuals were not pure Arabs.. They had been born and raised by non Arab, yet Muslim women.. Does anyone have the courage to investigate or publish..?

Think about it..!!


  1. Mustafa Shuaib 18 September at 12:47 · ..
    ..استفزّني جميل لاتحرّش بالعريشي (عينان في رأس)
    ("معجزة اللغة ، وعجز العرب") لست أدري هل هي المفارقة التاريخية للكتابة من اليمين إلى الشمال؟ كل اللغات كائنات تابعة في جدلية تطور المجتمعات، فكلما تطورت المجتمعات تطورت آلياتها بما في ذلك اللغة التي تعود لتسهم بدورها في تطوير المجتمع ليرود آفاقاً أفسح، ومن ذاك المدار أو المرقى، يعزز المجتمع القيمة المضافة للغة، وهكذا دواليك..على أن العربية، كما أزعم، باتت الاستثناء إلى حد الإعجاز بالفعل، فمن أين لها الصمود والترقي والتعايش مع لغات تقف على تراكمات منجزات العلم والبحث والتقنية والابتكار على مدار قرون؟ وحصيلة مجتمعنا صفر ضخم في قاموس تقدم العلم والأفكار أمهات المخترعات! قد يكون العرب ظاهرة صوتية كما قال القصيمي، لكن اللغة العربية تظل فاروق الألسن، فإن كانت لا تتقدم فحسبها أنها لا تتخلف، وتظل تسبح عكس التيار، وضد اتجاه المجتمع، وبدلاً من أن يقودها تتولى هي ذلك، غصباً عنه، فهي هنا المتغير القائد وليس العكس..من أين لها مجاراة زمن الكمبيوتر والإنترنت والفيس بوك؟ رغم عدم إسهام مجتمعاتها الغارقة في "جهد العاجز" بالكلام المرسل!؟ أيها الأصدقاء، أفتوني..بعد التأمل.

  2. Mustafa Shuaib Compliments of the season, this is a very well written-cum-articulated intervention, however, it is completely off point to the point I made.
    I was not talking about Arabs, their contribution or otherwise, rather I tried to spotlight a Paradoxical situation where the language, as a depending variable or a product, goes ahead of the leading variable or factor, its producer.
    Arab society (ies) is widely considered as dying if not dead , that of course, a point we share, but to me, Arabic is not, to the contrary it is surviving, at least, if not developing, i.e. Arab society is growing old, while Arabic is growing up! This is the crux or la crème.
    It is very puzzling to ask Arabs to preserve (others’ ancestors’ languages? Or do you ancient civilizations’ tongues? Then the question will be: who did it before? Is it their business to preserve other tongues, at the time?! Preserving such archaic tongues for the sake of cherishing human heritage and appreciating diversity, is only a brand new noble contemporary idea, therefore, pushing such arguments to prejudge and to prejudice them, would be an arbitrary projection. That is sheer and conspicuous unfair.
    Anatole France said (la langue morte, comme la langue vivante? quelle contraste!) he is not an Arab, (The dead language, considered as the living one, what a contrast!).
    Coming to being written from right to left, that was only a joke (against a renowned joke of Saeid Salih). Almost, everyone knows, full well, that there are a lot of lingua (s) being written likewise, notably all otherwise Semitics, and please, forget about Japanese calligraphy, because the case here is about characters rather than letters.
    (Yet, Arabic is preserved by inhumane element: Islam)..Do you mean inhuman. i.e. a divine or a metaphysic factor? The (e) there, is turning the meaning upside down.
    It is very difficult - not impossible - to separate the two: Islam and Arabs, though they are completely different, they are almost, identical! This is another charade where and because the vision and the mission are overlapping and interplaying.
    Don’t you consider Islam in itself, a contribution to the epistemia? Quran, in the final analysis is an Arabic eternal Opus.
    Ibn Khaldoun’s Muqaddima, is a tremendous contribution in finding sociology, though, definitely, only an iota in the ocean or realm of human epistemia.
    Best regards.

  3. I had sailed for the landscape of your views, rather than stand next to them.. Therefore, you had considered my opinions as off-point or off-track..!!
    Contributing to Civilization is the true product of human activities and endeavors, which should be sustainable rather than correct.. This what marks the legacy of Mankind, e.g., German vs. Nazis..

    I don't agree that Language is independent from its producer.. They grow or die (culturally) in parallel.. Accordingly, the argument of paradoxical growth and decline is irrelative.. English has almost 20-30 new words per day.. This is how a Language would grow, as well as the culture of its producer..
    It seems my statement on Ancestors' Language was misspelled.. The word (other's) was not there.. nor relative.. Extinct Arabic cultures (Hod, Aad, Sab'a, etc.) are not accessible for scientific research, which blocks any attempts to verify the Arabic heritage..

    We may approach life-death phenomenon from philosophical point of view, which is not my field nor concern.. Urbanism is about the physical evidence of both existence and growth, with code of eligibility and effectiveness.. Therefore, preservation of Arabic is contradictory to the true status of Arabs; which support the inhumane mystery within..

    Islam and Arabs are already separated, not only by statements of Scriptures, but also by growth of non-Arab Muslim communities, who have institutions, academia and practices driven by their own language.. Quran is widely recited in Arabic, yet understood by local languages.. Otherwise, you advocate that Muslims can't practice unless comprehend Arabic, which is not the case factually or practically..

    The conventional measures of Epistemia needs to be visited and rewritten, not only as epistemia itself is inevitably vivid and eventually growing, but because structures of governance are the worry of the 3rd Millennia.. It is the sole path to effectively communicated, participate and integrate..

    Thanks for the refreashing debate..!!