Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Double Saddle

An Austerlian Caravan

Camels are known in Arabia and Sahara since the dawn of time; yet no one had considered a double seat-saddle..!!


Why to seat on the Hump rather than align to it..?

An Arabic Caravan

An Indian decoirated single Saddle

My Friend Meliha had advised that Double Saddle is already known in India.. I did not find a lot of examples, which means that the common is the single Saddle.. Also, no examples were found else where in Asia or Africa.. Most of the "old" nations are using the single Saddle, while the double one came with the "New" World..!

Only example in India

Early Austerlian Model

Typical Arabic/Indian/African Saddle setting

Between a single Saddle and a double one; a great story of civilization.. Some people were smart enough to optimize the load bearing capacity of a camel, while others did not.. From a design point of view; double Saddle is easier to assemble and tie on, yet more comfortable for the animal..

It is a mindset..!!

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