Sunday, September 23, 2012

Her World..

Purify your eyes, and see the pure world..
Your life will fill with radiant forms..
~ Rumi..

In her limited horizon and world: Poverty, Sickness and Illiteracy are norms..
A world without Electricity, Paved roads or Newspapers..
In her world; it is not: how Water is clean, how School is far or how Dwelling is plastered..
Her world is so different for us to understand or taste..
This is the trap of both Intelligentsia and NGOs..!!
We need to change our perspectives and visions..
The little she'd have, is richness than others..
Sometimes, I envy those who can to purely smile than us..!

The Sociopolitical Paradox:
Our proud cities are only big villages; not urban centers by any definition..
Our high-earner citizens compete with high street brands..
Our Homeless children are healthier than all others..
They dare to smile more, and have more fun, despite police raids and brutality..
Our rural people are more contented despite the little they have..
They are never desperate for power, internet or fashion..
They have their own world as well..!!!

The CSR Paradox:
We draw a Bucket List and rammed all the unprivileged inside..
We did not audit their true wishes, but dictated their slogans..
We believe we know better, therefore we did not need to listen..
We wonder when they don’t cheer our colorful commodities..
We get angry when they mishandle our costly hi-tech supplies..
We condemn their ignorance when we failed to lead..

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