Sunday, September 16, 2012

Raising a Child..

In September of 1959, Susan Sontag lists her 10 rules for raising a child. (Their object, Sontag’s son David Rieff, edited this very volume.) Underpinning them is a subtle but palpable reverence for the precious gift of “childishness” — something

These rules still valid..!!

1.Be consistent

2.Don’t speak about him to others (e.g., tell funny things) in his presence. (Don’t make him self-conscious.)

3.Don’t praise him for something I wouldn’t always accept as good.

4.Don’t reprimand him harshly for something he’s been allowed to do.

5.Daily routine: eating, homework, bath, teeth, room, story, bed.

6.Don’t allow him to monopolize me when I am with other people.

7.Always speak well of his pop. (No faces, sighs, impatience, etc.)

8.Do not discourage childish fantasies.

9.Make him aware that there is a grown-up world that’s none of his business.

10.Don’t assume that what I don’t like to do (bath, hairwash) he won’t like either.

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