Sunday, October 21, 2012

21st October 2012

21st October 2012:
A myth of few that hinders true existence of our people..
A cocktail of strength and weakness of Arabs, Africans and Nilo’s..
A failed and false patronage for both unity and culture..
A controversial Nation on controversial Land, driven by controversial History..
A peaceful revolution; whereas No Peace in any true Revolution..!
An elevated spiral of Hypocrisies, Paradoxes and Favoritism..
A nurturer for our Don Quixote’s, Joe McCarthy’s and Amitabh Bachchan’s
October 2012, should be the last anaesthetizer of the Sudanese Public..!

Com’n Guys: Wake up it is 2012..!!

Certainly I disagree with the majority on celebrating October.. For more than 30 years, my stand stills the same.. It was not the event to build a nation, but to mark an intellectual dream..!

None of the reasons for the protest were mature enough to kick off true change.. Even so, the change was only on the surface, replacing a peaceful Junta with a bloody Assembly.. Across the 4,000 miles borders; the surrounding bloods and bullets had ignited the imagination of many Students, Leftists and Artists.. As correctly said: “Revolutions are Contagious.. but not necessarily Legitimate..”

An overwhelmingly overrated and overvalued event..!

Hysterically, we had rejected the Military, while comfortably paid blood-moneys for the Politicians.. Are we scene..?? If not mistaken: Abood executed no body, Naimiri executed less than 10, while post-Naimiri had poured blood in every household.. Yet, we still hysterically reject the Junta, despite we have no more.. Are we scene..??

Looking back after those decades, we still with no Identity, No Freedom, No Progress.. Adding to them; No secured Land, Losing respect worldwide and Occupying the bottom of any listing.. Sudanese Territories are declining from all borders; some had already gone, while others are on the way..!!

No facts are honored, no brains or substances, but the colorful flags of Al-Sayed, Al-Sadah, and outdated fictions.. Sudanese Academia lost its virginity, Bureaucracy lost its integrity and military lost its masculinity.. Subscribers to Cyber Media are nothing compared with unnumbered users of Super Bango..!!

October was a myth, and we pay for such a mistaken belief..!
Therefore, we are unable to change..!!

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