Thursday, October 25, 2012


There are lots of talk (as usual) on Al-Yarmouk Bombardment; by enthusiastic persons; yet exaggerate both geopolitical and military assumptions.. Yet, military strikes are always much simpler than what commentators and analysts would detail..!!

Israel doesn't need Sudan for training or warning Iran.. Military data and simulations are available on the internet.. There are no secrets, especially in our Sudan.. Al-Yarmouk was a remote facility for Iran, China and others, where they mitigate risks of any political plots or surgical strikes.. Also, customers are nearby across MENA, Sahel and HOA..

The event was few days after the Egyptian sponsored Qatari Amir visit to Gaza.. It was known how Qatari armed supplies to Gaza were smuggled across Sudanese territories and facilitated by Egyptians agents.. Sudan-Egypt borders and Sudanese Red Sear Province had observed cleansing operations, whereas many were covert and only few were reported.. The MB League had decided to cut the losses and shorten the route by direct supply from Sudan with Qatari finance..

Simply: Israel vs. MB+Qatar+Hamas = Yarmouk Bombardment..
Sudan role in the hot equation is a candidate to grow..!!

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  1. Because this surgical strike had minimal causalities, it did not repair the accumulated feeling that it has nothing to do with the common Sudanese public..
    Al-Basheer Government became isolated from its own people, which is typical syndrome of dictatorships.. Despite how your point on critical supplies for the armed forces, is valid, yet, had been treated internally in the same manner.. There is no Sudanese Armed Forces, but Al-Inqaz Army..
    Regretfully, the Army had lost its reputation long time ago, since the penetration that followed 1985 mascara.. Not attribution is Sudanese, discipline, loyalty and spirit.. It is no more a magnet for youth to freely and proudly join, not for the public to respect.. Al-Basheer had destroyed the military, which he was supposed to cherish and nourish.. It is not an army anymore, but a state-backed-Militia.. whereas a great difference..
    There are countries worldwide, with no one interested to care or know their developments.. They had been left for natural competitions and evolution; with few button of control.. We acceptably over value where we stand on the global arena.. Yet, we have to face it, and recalculate accordingly.. Politics are not emotional, and will never be..!