Wednesday, October 17, 2012

LGBT Fight..!

Post image for Transgender Women’s Constitutional Challenge To Sharia Law Fails In Malaysia

Transgender Women’s Constitutional Challenge To Sharia Law Fails In Malaysia
by Guest Author on October 16, 2012
in International,News

The LGBT is the greatest myth of 21st Century.. People discuss the rights; while deliberately ignoring the counter-scientific advocacies.. It is a plotted tsunami that will eventually take over.. Destructuring rationales, morals and ethics.. Igniting the End of Times..!!

Humanity is proved to be too ignorant and blind for counter-comabt..!!

LGBT claime: "Attributes of their nature that they did not choose and cannot change.."; which is challenged by advanced scientific discoveries; proving such attributes are man-made by means of education, up-bringing and media..

Among most species, there is no evidence on authentic behavioral or biological disorder among sexes.. On the other hand, the experiments and proofs which were developed in late 1980th and 1990th; became weaker by scientific standards, with lots of doubts on their governance, integrity and research environment..

Beware of the LGBT Colors..

Beware of the Violet..

With no religious prejudice; in any creativity, there are always faulty products.. LGBT is the one among human beings.. They simply do not fit to the scope been set for the Mankind by its Creator swt.. Contrarily, they disturb the scope, deform the mission, and ignite evil moralities; based on desires and physiques.. People were created for much Nobel cause, and higher agenda rather than such temporary sensations.. Noah’s son was described as faulty creation; who deserves no forgiveness, and been left to voluntarily drawn..

In Islam, despite the harmful misconceptions and wide deviations, there is undoubted program for communal recovery from LGBT illness:
(1) Adequate mass media controls,
(2) Authentic Spouseship and Parenthood
(3) Proper child up-bringing,
(4) Fitness and Boot-Camps for adolescents,
(5) Early 20th marriages, and
(6) Punishment and isolation of the ill-fated ones..
These are interpretations of how LGBT is considered a social disease not a bio or genetic disorder.. It is an Urbanism Disease..

Decline of correct religious awareness had made any religious objection or combat against LGBT as back-warding in time and inadequate for the current global civilization, while as correctly said, they are a brick in the overall humane decay..!

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