Friday, October 5, 2012

The Apprentice

The famous show of Donald Trump was a kick off of phenomenon; which had spread all over the world since 1998. Many people had been attracted to the show and its famous closing shout: “You Are Fired..”

The 30 mln viewers’ show was a smart creation from the ever challenging and amazing Trump; on how to stimulate the normal curiosity to cherish and applaud offensive attitudes. Despite how viewers had declined to only 7 mln in 2012, the attraction stills alive, while the finale reward is changed from a lucrative contract with Trump Holding, into charity stakes. Today; local versions of the show are produced everywhere.

It is an exceptional show, whereas the audiences hardly exchange comments during the broadcast, or after. Maybe this is its strength, as turned to be a personal agony, experience and learning curve. Also, it is its weakness, as loses the socialization associated with the TV experiences.

The Dawn of 3rd Millennium had witnessed lots of peak phenomenon; which had remarkably changed the way we live and doing business. During 1995-2005 lots of cultural trends and social fashions had invaded our lives and brought new vocabularies, mindset and referrals as well. In one hand the “Go-Get” slogan within the business community had open doors for Greed, Photoshop and Frauds to stamp most of the activities, with minimal ethical hesitations or considerations. These had resulted in The Millennia or Generation-Z, who had been observed with controversial revolutionary approaches and attitudes.

During The Apprentice Show, audience live three psychic and behavioral stats; which constitute its both attraction and commerciality. Notably enough; most of the audiences are professionals with various careers and industries:

The 1st: The Careful Observation; on those contestants, who came along fierce competition to be part of the show. Consciously and unconsciously; every professional dreams of such glorious opportunity to be in the focus of the media. So, to start with, they carefully examine what makes those guys different?

The 2nd: The Intellectual Exercises; which the audience unconsciously participate, whereas every professional would recall similar situations in the real career life. The more the show addresses typical everyday challenges and processing, the more the audience are attached and manipulated.

The 3rd: The Climax; which gradually develops, accumulates the processing with growing judgment on who’s who. Everyone develops a perception and prediction on who will get fired. The experience will live with the audience for few days, while chewing and stimulating triggers, implications and decisions.

The most serious mark this show had left in our lives; is the decline of integrity among professionals, especially the young ones. In one hand they have more bulls, regardless of their true epistemic capacity and fitness; while on the other, they believe in the psychic tools more than the ethical ones. For both generations X & Y; boundaries are always flexible enough to generate moneys; which is their core definition for success, knowledge and eligibility. No wonder, it is the music theme of the show..

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  1. In my “old-dying” school of thought:
    Professionals represent integrity..
    They can’t downgrade themselves..
    They strive to master what they are entrusted for..
    They don’t claim knowledge they didn’t experience..
    They are satisfied to be appreciate rather than to be rewarded..
    They don’t seek commissions for introducing parties to each other..
    They always stretch an open hand for newcomers and Apprentices..!!