Wednesday, January 2, 2013

57th Independence Day..!

يا بلدي ياحبوب

كل ذكرى استقلال وانتم بخير  
هل سنحيا الى ذلك اليوم عندما تندثر مهنة ستات الشاي..؟

ذلك المؤشر الأوحد للتنمية البشرية في السودان  
When the time would come with no more Ladies serve Tea in the Streets, Sudan's Human Development is achieved..!!
Pls Guys, no more Slogans..!!
I'm certain of your good attentions.. yet, enough..!
Let's learn to live with what we have rather than what we dream about..
Pls spare the "Hopless Commons" any false dreams..!!

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