Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Criticizing Sudanese History

Shaza Zahran wrote on criticizing history..
Because our present times are crippled by misspelled history, I believe we have to reconsider..

Shall we set a framework to envision our chronicles..?
Shall we (at least) copy the footsteps of Mandela for rebuilding SA: Rainbowism, Reconciliation, and Governance..

Without a vision; there will be no credibility in assessing, criticizing or being inspired by History..

Rainbowism; is to epistemically acknowledge and accept ethnic, cultural and eco diversities.. It is the facts we did not make yet have to live with..!

Reconciliation, is to bravely admit and forgive all wrongdoings, from everyone.. Throughout history, we exchanged roles of aggressions, injustices and frauds.. No one is free from some guilt..!

Governance, is the inevitable role of law, code and referrals in all aspects of life.. Every nation is unique and can only survive by defining and maintaining such uniqueness..

Everything else, to feed the ever-hungry (or greedy) intelligentsia, will follow..!!!!

Shaza Zahran: VISION+ leadership !!! is what we lacked all way, that is the issue in simple terms!!

Adil Abdalla: I wrote a lot about Leadership in Sudan, till almost believe we are a barren nation..!!
However, Vision is a different product of our (ivory) intelligentsia and its attached circles, to debate about..!!
We have a long civic-urban path to experience..!

Shaza Zahran: True! We very young civil. Nation, about 57 years if not. Less.. Its going to take either a very bloody route to understand the basic principles of freedom,governance and equality or we have to act civilly and reconcile our differences which i doubt very much!!

Adil Abdalla: Properly very much less.. The consenses of Sudan as a nation was relatively new.. Despite the critics, I believe it was only emerged with Nimari.. The only Head who had toured the entire Sudan.. towns and villages.. Sort of sense of belonging and unity.. Therefore, we are an only 30+ nation.. or a 29-years old pretty yet naive nation..!!!

Dramatic changes are no longer a globally accepted option.. Despite the current bloodsheds, no one would support further atrocities.. The decline of protests tells a lot about the emerging dynamics of local politics and influencial controls and support.. People are simply frustrated more than anticipated by all rivals..!

Shaza Zahran: Because this regime used the SHOCK doctrine, it started with breaking the unions, the grassroots movements, convinced the people that. there no alternative, which is 70% TRUE, in my opinion, there no valid alternative. I say that with pain. The issue is not falling this regime, the issue is , who is ready to replace the regime . No plan in place!

Adil Abdalla: BTW, the surrounding Soldeirs are who had invented the ID-Code "Sudan" whom their kids and grands kids had kept the essense alive till date.. They were genatically mixure of all Sudan.. Traditionally live nearby the milltry stations in all Sudanese cities..

They remind my with my great grandfather..

Would he be one of them..?

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