Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Slave Market..

Le Marché d'esclaves
The Slave Market
By Jean-Léon Gérôme،

Jean Leon Gerome had visited Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Syria, creating many paintings on life within Ottoman Empire.. At those times; Women were commodity for sale and buy, with preference for European women..
Total number of European females sold within Ottoman markets exceeds 1,250,000
This is more than all African bought into slavery in United States (800,000)

Many commentators had advocated how Islam encouraged Slavery, permitting Muslims to wed and mate their slaves as much as they can.. Regretfully, such false claims contradict the true essence of the Religion and factual chronicals of times..

Yes, Islam did not prevent Slavery, one of the oldest social codes among humans.. It had considered how it was economically critical at those times, yet no single phrase in Quran or Hadeeth had came encouraging Slavery..
On the contrary; Slavery had ealier declined by the emancipation, which was verdict or a penal tool against some violations..

However, much Muslims turned the activity into formal one using the given legislative opportunity in absence of literal prevention or prohibtion..
As usual, Philosophies and Religious frameworks are not to be blamed to followers ill-interpretations..!

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