Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Makkah 2013

Naïve questions from an urban enthusiastic..!!

1.       Although how exhausted and stressed the Agency of Makkah Metropolis; why there is no an urban story-telling of The Holly City?

2.       It is obviously notable the absence of urban grading; why commerciality, favoritism and profitability rule the urban planning?

3.       There is no shortage of funds, why there is no soft landscape, trees and grass in the open public spaces and courts around The Holy Mosque?

4.       Referring to the ugly architectural beasts; why skyline is viciously provoked by high-rise trend; despite both religious and emotional contents advise humiliation, shyness and simplicity?

5.       Instead of flatting or removing mountains, why they are not used for low rise buildings and boutiques; which can be more profitable, yet less logistically stressful?

6.       For the 30-50 thousand new visitors per day, and double staying daily; where are the reachable public toilets to balance the incredible number of Zamzam taps?

7.       They already sunk some roads; avoiding complexity of LRT; why they can’t provide ring tram-routes around The Holy Mosque?

8.       There is a silent army of managers, engineers, technicians and labors behind the scene; yet, why some areas are ill-equipped, poorly fitted and architecturally downgraded?

9.       With the growing number of folding-seat-searches, what is the reference that Muslims should seat on the floors, apart from performing Salaat?

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