Friday, May 24, 2013

Polygany 2013

An interesting article (as usual) on Dr Henry Makow's website; discussing the inevitability of men to cheat, and possible forgiveness..
This was my contribution:


The world rapidly changes the typical and conventional state and definition of marriage; allowing same-sex marriages, and no wonder to have more bizarre cases of man-animal marriages too. Media has already spoken about a woman marries her own pet.
Regretfully, as how Mankind had suffered climbing the ladder of urbanism and civilization, as how been trapped by allegations and advocacies that unrelated to our basic core consensus.. Civic definitions had been widely confused since the “sin” became a controversial topic under the “freedom” domain. It is rather landmine to address the polygamous marriage under religious context, as great portions of peoples will be automatically expelled away..
Despite not been a native English speaker; I can read the term polygamy as not practical nor historical. No one discusses multiple partners for a person (male or female) but all discussions are on multiple female partners for a male person.. Therefore, it is polygany or polyganous..!  Yes, researches with integrity in zoology, history and psychology would support; while the need is great to purify the oppositions from any personal or lobbying favorites, despite how many they are.
Reverting back to our principle moralities and code of ethics; human beings are more devastated with their own intellectual supremacy than acts of nature. Academia had trained us to start with backgrounds, therefore; it is rather important to define our own “manual”: rationale, authority, purpose, processing and delivery.. Man does not have the capacity to answer all the first three elements; yet we are arrogant enough to manifest both processing and delivery.. There is a logic conflict that had already lived within for many centuries; since the times of Adam..!
These were not off track pick-ups, but a preface for the topic from a Muslim perspective.. Yes, Muslims are the ones who had brought polygany into legal form, yet unable to defend..!
To avoid a lengthy post, you may follow the link ( to the whole concept at my blog. Once done, either you accept the notion that “Polygany” has a rationale to start with, or to conciliate with the forgivable multiple-affair concept..
Thanks; Adil


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