Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Religion and Foreign Policy

This was my Interest Statement to attend a Tony Blair Foundation's program with the Balkan Institute.. on Religion and Politics
Despite I had no degree in programs affiliated to international relations or geopolitics; my personal and public interests in these fields are serious and research-based..
My blog ( traces many of the global issues and concerns, with my own views on both events and chronicles..
I deeply believe in the epistemic foundations for both human urbanism and civilization; whereas our trends, phenomenon and favorites are always reflections of local cultures and identity demarcations..
As a Muslim, I do understand the amount of confusion that had flooded the Balkans with the expansion of Ottoman empire.. Similarly, the amount of confusion followed September-11..
As a Sudanese, where my country had gone apart by religious and cultural claims, I can identify the hidden triggers within national and local mindsets..
As an Arabic Speaker, I can tell about the partition within personalities and characteristics; which had considerably spread the emotional unrest..
Yet, as a Human Being, I trust both intuitions and unexplainable derivatives that bred the Millennia Generation; which uncompromisingly advocates peace..
Therefore; I'm interested to attend..!

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