Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sexual Barbarism of Egypt

Since the famous Tahrir protests of 2010, Egypt had been condemned for massive and sometimes violent sexual harassment of women.. The phenomenon had attracted the attention of global media, with frustrated, curse or fun commentators.. Topped with the famous video catching Egyptian Presidents openly manages his “thing” in a formal reception with the Australian Prime Minister..!!
Many commentators had justified the phenomenon by revolutionary blow, political suppression and confused proposition in the great uncertainty that flows.. However, absence of influential government and law & order had brought no solution, but hiding the unfortunate events from the media loudspeakers..
The media had widely exaggerated the matter in absence of records, statistics or watchdogs.. The global average of sexual assault and rape is 300 cases per a 100,000 capita.. Annually; USA has more than 90,000, India 20,000, UK 14,000 and Germany 8,000 cases.. Egyptian statistics before 2010 showed average 70 rape-cases reported to the police; due to the social stigma that hides and covers the actual number of cases.. In similar societies such as Morocco and Turkey, it is 1,000 cases..
Egyptian indecent males are no different from the others; yet more vulgar, abusive and immoral..!
The rise of Rape and sexual assault is well attached to urbanism and population.. As how people live with threats of space, employment and recognition; there responses are violent and irrational.. The role of government is controlling and reducing the root-causes of violence, by social welfare and economic balances.. Yet, the role of NGOs is to mitigate and defuse the potentials of inadequate behavior by developing more sense of community and solidarity..

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