Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Woolwich 2013..


Does UK pay for a twisted political tolerance?
Being a legal heaven for extremists does not help..

UK became the Global Radicalization School; with 22% population in relative poverty; its home grown terrorism is branded Islamic today, and will be atheist tomorrow..
Unless substantial changes brought into British home politics, devastating incidents will continue to break the British Charm..

No doubt how those murders live in a working class area, with all hallmarks of their personal poverty, and typical hatred developed at radical gathering.. A black mother walking around carelessly, towing her home grocery.. Others are following the trend of free-lancing journalism, and a couple check life signs of the dead man..

Despite how inevitably Socialists will make a comeback; British policy makers should realize the burden they carry towards the world.. They had enabled all kinds of terrorists to survive; when others had expelled away.. Now they need to regularize; while others firmly shut the returning doors..!

Between UK and USA continuous competitions.. Clearly Woolwich tops Boston..!

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