Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam

I’m not fan of Morsi or MB, but an intellectual opponent for stupidity and injustice.. Yet, their regime had acknowledged unable to sustain a long-historical wrong stand and policies..!!

Most people with pens and voices in Egypt has no clue about the 
history of the 1929 Nile-Treaty.. They only recall times of “Bully” Politicians and Generals, who became outdated.. The world of today is built on mutual interests, rights and obligations.. The Treaty allowed Egypt to use 58% of Nile waters for noting but been a strong colonial state.. Egyptian water monitoring stations are in Sudan and Uganda, while its diplomatic staff are securing these unfair distribution rights by all means of mightiness.. 

Apparent situations are not always righteous ones.. Everyone has the right to live and grow.. No one is responsible that Egypt had mistakenly lived on unfair justification for such long time.. It is a failure for Egyptian Politicians, elites and media.. Driving the people into global standoff..

Already Egyptian Tycoons backed by Morsi Government; are land-grabbing in Sudan, for almost 2 million acres, and lots of deals on farming, meat and dairy production and potential labors migrations..!!

The formula is simple.. Egypt will have enough for potable water and industry, yet agriculture can be done somewhere else.. It is a matter of resources and balances, to secure food and economic growth.. Agro sector is only 17% of Egypt's GDP.. Yet, finding placement for 35% workforce in farming.. This is the challenge, which Egyptian planners had always failed to resolve.. Therefore; they had always gone to the easy solution: Maintain the Nile Treaty to sustain the Agriculture sector..!

Stop Bullying.. Start Sensibly Talking.. or Thinking..!

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