Friday, June 7, 2013

Talking Marriage..

Deformed Marriage; whereas parenthood competences decline, psychic stresses are high, and emotional divorce rates are astronomical.. Maybe it is not surprising that most men are driven by a hilarious search for “free” sex.. Yet it is a mystery; how women submissively offer this “service”; solely carry the “burden” of consequences..!!

This is how family foundations got destroyed..

This is how Millennia are increasingly turn atheist..

This is why family legislations should be enlightened..

This is why societies should be ruled by Knowledgeable Politicians.. Whom 1st decision will publicize the mass media, militarize male youth, and regulate religious authorities..!!

Why is that..?

Parenthood is far complex and elevated set of preparedness, morals and behaviors than the simple movie and TV attractions of pretty girls and handsome boys, meeting on clean bed-sheets..!! It is not the publically shown love or the attractive adolescent style of living; but realizing the scared mission to breed and sustain the human race.. and civilization..!

Since the rise of Baby-Boomers; most of married ones became ill-prepared for the mission.. Traditional schooling used to provide girls with home-making syllabuses, and boys with manly crafts.. Modern Mass Media had downgraded marriage to be intuition-based rather than epistemic one.. This had elevated the sexual component to be the core of marriage, instead of the moral contents..

Emotional divorce happens when partners are no longer sharing views of who’s who and what’s what.. A synonym of modern livelihood is the universal restructuring of rights and obligations, across all forms of living and activities.. It sounds a great humane achievement; till routs cross or clash.. The moral foundation of rights and obligations had many areas that were deliberately left blank for personal circumstances; which were unwisely filled with almost no chances for change, reform or adjust.. In today’s world, each of the married has wider private spaces and interests, so are the children..!!

Unless personal argument and disagreement are extremely tense; husbands shamelessly approach their swiftly-surrendering wives.. Universally, the traditional cultural ingredients allow no-objection from a wife; unless emotionally grown enough to say: No.. It is a fact that consensual sex has various psychic, physical and emotional benefits that make it appealing to repeat.. Despite any practical circumstance; both Men and Women are increasingly clever to seduce the other for such a moment of unique pleasure.. However, this friction of time is mysteriously enough to heal lots of the heat in matching personalities and preferences..

This is an Islamic reading on Marriage..!!

Do you believe it..?

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