Saturday, August 17, 2013

Respect Science..!

Respect Science..!
Change has awful 5 phases.. to accept..
Gaza had crossed all, Sudan @ the 4th, Syria @ the 3rd, Tunisia @ the 1st,
Egypt has only reached the 2nd..
So, why the fuzz..??
The worst still to come..!!

 Beware and Ready>> Learn from others>> or Live it all..!

Civilized world had gone through the same.. It is inevitable to grow up.. Same as to master driving, you shall have at least one accident to maturely drive.. Come down to reality..
Only 60 years ago, 30 million needed to end WWII, 5 million for Korea, V
ietnam and Balkan.. Millions more to end colonization era.. Unaccounted numbers to reform politics and social systems across Europe, Asia and Americas.. yet, a billion still homeless, desperate, hungry and illiterate..
Everything comes with a cost.. Especially Maturity..
The true shock that societies are proven too immature and incompetent to rule themselves..
So grow up and act positively on rationales and notions for sustainable reform..
Understand the reality.. Science never lies..!

The graph tells that everything will decline..
Decision making down to food stamps
Forget about the Leadership curve.. You don't have..
Interpret the Managerial one.. the everyday life..!!
Go, perform focused prayers and make sincere dauaa's..
Regardless religion, language or location..

Adding to this; magnitude and value of change process is not related to number of causalities or burnt assets; but the destruction, forced alterations or imposed novel to existing Estate..
Only Estate counts, nothing else..
A bit Chauvinism, a bit Machiavellism.. yet, realities..
c'est la vie..!

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